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My big brother believes in me

To my Big Brother @andbrill, The other day I was updating you The Unsealed and y…
– Lauren Brill

Dear Supreme Court

Today, you struck down 50 years of a woman’s right to choose. While it doe…
– Roger Chamberlain

Dear America

Dear America I wrote a little about my feelings a little while ago. While it was…
– Roger Chamberlain

To my fellow Americans … which Freedoms are we “celebrating” exactly?

Honestly, I had a difficult time “celebrating” Memorial Day this yea…
– Danielle @DsEnlightenedEdits


Dear Unsealers Meet Roger! Roger lost his mother when he was 23 years old. Ever …
– Lauren Brill

Sometimes saying “I Love You,” is meaningless.

I’m a writer and words have meaning. My Dad was a Marine and for him Action is…
– Prelude2Cinema

Fearless or Friendly

Oddly enough one of my friends likes to compliment me in what can be called para…
– Prelude2Cinema

Dear Sean, My Heart Is Hurting

Dear Sean, Our friendship began the night we met. It was August 12, 2018 in down…
– Lauren Brill

Dear Mandy

Over 20 years have passed since the last moment I saw you. A lifetime ago my wor…
– Roger Chamberlain

A rainbow to you is what rain is to me

Dear Ashley @ashley_topham, I read your story about the rainbow and your father….
– Lauren Brill

For Those who dare to dream

Everyone on the planet has a dream. Having a dream in our life is essential beca…
– MehrAslam

Dear Dreamer

I know the place you may be in right now. Wondering if this dream you have is to…
– Roger Chamberlain

The latest news on The Unsealed

Dear Unsealers, It’s hard to express how thankful I am for each of you. Wh…
– Lauren Brill

Writing to Create Sunnier Days

Dear Anybody At All, Imagine showing up to your childhood home being told to lea…
– Jerrica

Dear Fate

I remember this day all too well. It was June 11th 2021. My Father had just gott…
– Roger Chamberlain

To the teens of America

Hello teens of America. Teenage years..wow those were the days! Thats not sarcas…
– Jim

To young Jim

A letter to younger Jim How it was: I remember you being pretty shy in your high…
– Jim

Advice to my younger self

Dear Little Telina, Don’t be so hard on yourself or push people away becau…
– telina27

To my younger self

To your younger self, I know you because I was once you. You were always angry, …
– Kayjah Lorde

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