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Dear Unsealers,

We are a platform that partners with people to write and share open letters in hopes of sparking important conversations. We empower their voices by raising awareness to various social issues while also raising money for numerous causes through shares and reposts.

Back in 2017, Lauren Brill, wrote a letter to sexual assault survivors, describing her journey after being sexually violated as a teenager. Opening up about what was once her deepest and darkest secret made Lauren feel relieved and empowered. She also received reaction from across the country by people who felt inspired and/or enlightened by her journey.

After a girls trip to Miami in 2018, Audra Frimpong, an accomplished lawyer, athlete and badass mom, thought together they could create a platform to help people from all walks of life share their experiences, while shedding light on the various challenges people face in their lives.

Together, they founded The Unsealed.

Through honesty and openness, we want you to join The Unsealed movement by being unafraid to share your truth and the truths of others. Only through your support can we change the world by unsealing humanity.

With love, hope and unity,

The Unsealed

If you would like to sponsor a story email us at info@theunsealed.com

Welcome Unsealers

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