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Join us Wednesday, May 31st at 7:30pm Eastern Time, as we chat with members of The Unsealed community about what message they have for their future selves. 

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We lost one of our beloved family members to cancer. Before he passed, he wrote a letter for his wife and son

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Community Letters

Exchange letters with our Unsealed family! Write a letter to our community about an adversity you have overcome and members of The Unsealed will write you back. Our community is a safe space to share your story, support others and inspire the world.

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A Welcome, To The Month of June
Dear Unsealers, As I\'ve done on the first day of each month for...
A broken bond? Or a Blessing?
I loved you before you saw me, before our eyes locked, when...
Write a letter to your teenage self
Queer Religious Teenage Self
Dear Queer Religious Teenage Self, You don\'t remember this, but you once told...

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