• Even if it takes my whole life, I will love myself in the end.

    It was 2010 and Shakira was singing “La Torutura” at the Grammys or the VMA’S. I was 12 years old. Sobbing because I knew I would never look like her. No one would ever want me the way they wanted Shakira. No one would ever be blown away by my still non-existent hips. I was doomed to a life of ugly mediocracy and I knew it.
    2007 I was told I had g…read more

    Cinthya Pizarro

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    • Cinthya- I am so very sorry for the cruelness you were exposed to during your younger years. Usually, I believe, bullying like that is simply a reflection of someone’s discomfort with themselves – they express it by throwing it onto you. Do your best to let it go, it never had much to do with you anyway. It was about their own pain. Congrats on…read more

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