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  • db-cooper shared a letter in the Group logo of PoetryPoetry group 2 days, 8 hours ago

    Tongue twister

    My screen is a scene of something obscene
    It’s so serene I hear Myself scream I deemed it extreme
    Im not to keen to dream it seems, I mean…..

    DB cooper

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  • Joshua (roses) shared a letter in the Group logo of PoetryPoetry group 2 days, 10 hours ago

    Dancing Under the Lights of the Waterfall

    Step side to side
    Sway to our song
    Your heart is the lyrics
    My soul the instrumental
    Hold my hand the way Jesus held the nails
    Step side to side
    Nerves waltz to love
    No music is needed
    When sacrifice becomes a verb
    Watching movies with the sound off
    I’ll hold you like the space between us is trying to escape
    Crowded ball room that only sees us two
    Empty minds have the fullest hearts
    And the cup of my rhythmic soul runneth over
    p.s. don’t forget to kiss me under the waterfall chandeliers…


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  • Autumn shared a letter in the Group logo of PoetryPoetry group 4 days, 16 hours ago

    The roads we travel

    Two roads diverged ahead of me –
    one known and one less traveled.
    There’s been a lot of talk about
    how one should take the latter.

    They say to seek the new and strange
    is the course that is the wiser,
    but both seemed new and strange to me
    because I’d never taken either.

    I traveled for a bit down one
    and found much there was gold,
    but soon I wondered what glittering things
    the other road might hold.

    Changing course is not a thing
    one can often do with ease.
    I trudged across through underbrush
    in the darkness of the trees.

    I ran into another path-
    who could say where this would go?
    But one I went because of course
    there’s but one way to know.

    I’ve done a lot of traveling now
    and there’s much that I have learned.
    Each path was often weird to walk
    and took many curious turns.

    There are many books that I could fill
    with what I don’t know yet.
    But what I think is true is that
    none knows which path is best.

    So I say if you’re stuck between two roads
    and told that you much choose,
    to say p’shaw to others and
    do what you want to do.

    Autumn Davidson

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  • Chloe shared a letter in the Group logo of PoetryPoetry group 1 week, 2 days ago

    “at peace”

    Is it okay
    if I lay down?
    I am feeling tired
    I cannot explain
    It’s what I feel

    Making bodies
    all day and night
    Not gracefully
    I embrace each moment
    and yet it drains me

    What does it look like
    if I lay down?
    Will I be baring
    all my weakness
    for everyone to see?

    I will love in myself, now
    that you’re not here,
    all the little things
    that drew us near

    Will you still love me
    if I lay down?
    I am feeling tired
    I cannot explain
    It’s what I feel


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    • Take the break you need. Rest when you need to. It’s ok. Of course, you will still be loved. Rest. Recharge. And the go continue to be the badass woman that youare.

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  • Sofia Armstrong shared a letter in the Group logo of PoetryPoetry group 1 week, 5 days ago

    The Heart Grows

    I thought my heart was breaking
    Turned out it was growing pains
    I wondered often if the aching
    I felt so deep inside
    Was a symptom of something else
    Something much more far and wide

    I thought my heart was breaking
    But in all reality
    The stretching sensation that sent me shaking
    Was only a casualty
    Of diving in deep straight to my soul
    Healing, cleansing and making whole
    A place that was once so hidden
    Leaving a shell of me almost bed ridden

    I thought my heart was breaking
    Instead I found I was transcending
    All the preconceived thoughts and teachings
    Which all brings my soul to this beautiful ascending
    New earth that is never ending
    Blessings abound, always mending
    That which was perceived as broken
    Has now been Re birthed
    expansions sending
    Reverberations of healing through nations
    Our one-ness remembered
    Return to the heart bending
    Home within your soul which always waits to warmly
    Welcome you back
    Into a soft embrace.


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  • Pretty Dee shared a letter in the Group logo of PoetryPoetry group 2 weeks ago

    Heaven's Morning

    How many times have I
    Done this wicked communion?
    I present my body and blood
    Not for nourishment
    But to be devoured until I am no more
    He who eats and drinks of this
    Cup unworthily drinks damnation
    Unto himself

    Unholy communion
    Attached to eternal bliss
    Forgotten pledge to the cross
    As we kiss

    We wrestled all night until
    The sun peeks its head
    above the horizon
    And venerates
    our bodies with light

    You slumber still
    I wide awake
    Wondering what will this be
    Will this man be it for me?
    My God my Holy one
    The father and son
    My Savior
    I still feel the essence of your spirit
    Inside of me
    I still taste the flavor
    Of your skin

    I still hear the echoes
    From the wall
    As I call for Jesus
    Every inch graced
    By your touch
    It pleases
    All my senses
    As I come to the consensus
    With my mind body spirit
    And soul
    You are my God
    MY will I submit to you
    Let the actions of my body
    Be pleasing to you
    Feel the eruption of my worship
    As my living water flows

    Heaven only knows

    Dreams of monogamy
    Carnal insecure thoughts wondering
    If he is lying to me

    Because last night we were on earth
    Underneath the stars and the moon
    Gazing and anticipating
    Quiet heavy whispers
    Questioning if it’s too soon
    I only known you for a moment
    But you’re familiar

    Like always meant to be mine
    Always meant to share space and time
    In a past life we were distant lovers
    Faithful Ritualistic promises of
    See you next lifetime
    Engraved in our DNA
    And unconscious mind

    It’s like I spent every life
    searching for you
    Too stunned to speak
    Loving you from a distance
    You noticed me
    But we shied away
    Translated as indifference

    Wondering what am I missing
    When will time be kind?
    At this very moment
    all the timelines

    All in-sync
    Body to body
    Melanin on melanin
    Skin in skin
    Shedding the weight of
    Our earthly bodies and its sin

    Ascending into the cosmos
    Intertwining until we are one
    Only God knows
    When we shall be undone
    The universe sings praises
    And exalts our union
    We are gods
    The universe is pleased
    I cover you just as Nut
    Does for Geb
    When he admires
    Her beauty
    We both intertwined
    In this web
    Of ethereal bliss

    We fly past constellations,
    planets and Galaxies
    And make love
    in the nebula clouds
    Our sweat scattered across
    The universe and heavens

    As we take our rest
    No need for words
    While we lie naked
    And undressed
    Our chocolate bodies
    Dancing in the shadows
    Of my head
    Heart distressed
    At the potential mess
    This could be
    You’re asleep
    And Wide awake I lay
    In this bed
    As the sun rises
    From its slumber
    the angels of light
    Dance on the walls
    of this room
    I find peace and rest
    in the quiet of
    Heaven’s morning
    And wait for the
    Found in
    Heaven’s afternoon

    Pretty Dee 💕✨

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  • gorilladna shared a letter in the Group logo of PoetryPoetry group 3 weeks, 1 day ago

    HEART versus MIND

    My heart says to love you

    My mind says to leave you behind

    My heart says you need me

    My mind says I’m being too kind

    My heart says forgive you

    My mind says it’s for the last time

    My heart says I’ll miss you

    My mind says stop being so blind

    My heart says that you’ll change

    My mind says it’s just too late

    My heart says there’s hope still

    My mind says you’ve sealed your own fate

    My heart says it’s broken

    My mind says to cry and move on

    My heart says it’s ready

    My mind says the heart’s never wrong

    Ricardo Albertorio

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    • Ricardo, I love this and the back-and-forth between the mind and the heart I think is something we’ve all felt at some point. That tug-of-war can drive a person crazy. I know it has for me. I love this piece. I am going to include it in our newsletter today, so please keep an eye out for it! <3 Lauren

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      • Awww! Thank you, Lauren. Yes, we’ve all experienced this “tug ‘o war” internally. Sometimes the mind wins, sometimes the heart wins. Thank you for including it in the newsletter.

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      • <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

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    • Hi! I really love the theme of contrasting the knowledge in your mind with the desires of your heart. It’s fun to see creative takes on age old adeges. Your last line really made me feel something; I felt that in my heart 🙂

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      • Thank you so much, Saga. It makes me happy to hear you enjoyed my poem. If one has to win over the other, I prefer it to be the heart 🙂

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  • Beyond Me shared a letter in the Group logo of PoetryPoetry group 3 weeks, 1 day ago

    Happiness 😊

    When you think Happiness — What do you see ?

    For me — Happiness is a lot of different things

    Like finding banana bread in my car from last night

    & realizing — hey cool — now I have a midday snack 😋

    Happiness is noticing I put my keys on the hook

    & the following day not having to run around like a chicken without a head — while I desperately look

    Happiness is the days — I wake up to a clean room

    & the days my son gets ready — without step by step instruction — on what he needs to do

    Happiness is his comical personality —
    a free in house comedian — just for mommy

    He still cost me a fortune — but that’s ok
    Mommy thinks he’s worth it

    Happiness is arriving to my destination on time

    Or watching the kids playing soccer outside

    Happiness is a mani pedi night
    & tik tok time with my beautiful niece

    Happiness is watching lifetime movies
    with my mom — (even tho they traumatize me)

    — Or her guilt-fully admitting to me
    she gave a stranger — a good chunk of money

    Happiness looks different for everybody

    Some ppl think happiness is only in the future
    While others may only see it in the past

    There’s been times — I’ve been both those people
    but I no longer wanna be like that

    I feel the sooner we learn to release the idea of happiness being anywhere but now

    The sooner we unlock the chains — that have held us hostage

    & blinded us from the blessings — we currently
    have right now

    So I look around at my now — and I think about all the things I currently have — that make me happy

    & suddenly the things I don’t yet have — start to slip my mind

    Not because I don’t want them anymore
    but because obsessing over it — is unhealthy

    So just incase I start to forget my blessings
    I jot them down to revisit them

    & I remind myself that happiness is not a perfect situation or timeframe

    Happiness is a way of liven

    So I try to be happy —
    minute by minute — hour by hour — day by day
    if I have to

    Until happy moments
    turn into happy days again

    Ik it’s easier said than done
    — I also struggle with it

    Some situations make it hard to live happy each moment

    — like a sudden loss or separation
    Or being in an abusive relationship

    Identity theft — sudden illnesses — You name it

    But I spent a lot of years of life carrying the weight of burdens that weren’t mine to carry

    Not because these things didn’t happen to me
    — Because they did

    But because I tried to control things that were out of my control — instead of letting go

    Letting go is hard — I know

    But it’s freeing 🦅

    So I put my worries up on a shelf — let them worry about themselves

    — & redirect my focus to something else

    Like listening to my brother telling me — he successfully completed a mission

    Wether I’d be — home remodeling
    or that he recently replaced a transmission

    I don’t understand what he says to me half the time but I’m happy to listen

    Happiness is the sun setting in in front my eyes
    or in my cars — rear view mirror

    Happiness is — long curly hair & colored eyes
    on that one stranger — who helped me heal

    Happiness is my sitter & I playing rumikub
    Or my sons sister finally telling me — I love you too

    Happiness is watching a father interact w his son
    & heal the inner child in him — that never had one

    Happiness is the smile I see on my granny — while giving her a gel mani

    Even more so — watching her regain her strength after amputation — & learning how to walk again w her prosthetic

    Happiness is — my friends famous enchiladas
    Her venting to me — all pissed off
    Or us having a self care day — with an amazing massage

    Happiness is a good talk with a stranger
    Or a God answered prayer

    At times — happiness is receiving peace
    in exchange for the ones — unanswered

    Happiness is changing the situation when it no longer makes you happy

    Or changing your perspective on it
    — if that’s not an option

    Happiness is listening to
    (Reckless love)

    Or finding a safe place to express myself & my feelings like — theunsealed.com

    Happiness sometimes means to hold on

    While other times happinesss means to let go

    Happiness may look different for everyone else tho

    This is just some of my happiness
    summarized into a short little poem 💙


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    • I love how expansive this poem is! It’s obvious you really put a lot of effort and love into this poem and I feel like you were telling a story. The humour made this feel very personal 🙂

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  • Ashley Suttle shared a letter in the Group logo of PoetryPoetry group 3 weeks, 1 day ago

    Happiness Unsealed


    Happiness is like seeing the sun smile, after months of waking to an over casted cloud
    covering the sky

    Happiness is feeling content, being whole on your own , comfortable in your skin

    Happiness is seeing your child laugh. To create happiness for the very little person who your fighting for everyday.

    Happiness is taking that first deep breath on a sunny morning.
    Ready for that first sip of a salted Carmel espresso topped with vanilla foam . That flavor will sky rocket right to your heart oozing in hot liquid love.


    Happiness is feeling joy .
    Happiness is smiling for no reason.

    It’s loving all of the universe for shifting your perspective for the better and seeing what it
    was all for the purpose of.

    like feeling the gears shift in your mind , frequency’s switch between dimensions , hearing different tones and language only your sub conscious mind comprehends.

    so many beautiful faces and colors in the glitch …It’s beauty none the less.

    Like being able to hear the voices of the wind and see all the signs , communications in code with the most high.

    Happiness is walking with a purpose , smelling good with some walk in your stride.
    Happiness is being able to smile from the soul after seeing the cutest Hallmark moment
    take place as you walk down on the side walk.

    Happiness is Being happy for each others lives as we press on.

    It’s the simple things …

    It’s like that feeling When you just stare in each other’s eyes until you envision a new life
    being in love, getting stuck in between the glare that gets you lost in each others mind.


    Is, being satisfied with where you are. Loving yourself unconditionally even in the midst of indecision.

    Happinese is gratefulness , for Being granted with Taking the time to find myself ; a life built off miracles , blessings , and pure wisdom in the center of chaos.

    Wishing for happiness

    Dreaming of happiness

    Feeling happiness

    I am happiness

    Ashley Suttle

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    • Hi, Ashley. This poem does a great job of pulling the reader in. You start with simpler joys like clouds and coffees then dig deeper by discussing topics like gears shifting and subconscious thoughts. The reminder that happiness is within us is beautiful!

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  • Joshua (roses) shared a letter in the Group logo of PoetryPoetry group 3 weeks, 2 days ago

    If Memories Could Talk

    I think I’m in love…
    Introvert at heart I was exhausted but enjoying myself like a good day at the gym
    I had been participating in some verbal jogging when the jargon interrupted the depth of my thoughts
    I wanted to go deeper, but the question brought me back to the surface
    You know, that over used, over played, over copied, get out of jail free question
    So, how did you feel, question mark
    A mental sigh fogs my mind, as I wait for the dust to settle, I try to paint what can’t be replicated in any art
    My response a cliche of my own just to joust back
    In case we’re keeping score
    I’m deadly competitive to a fault, laughing to myself touché
    Oh, my reply, I almost forgot
    The cliche runs from my mouth: the words to describe it are lost but if found it would be something like watching the American Day Dream on the big screen except you’re the main character
    When your mood matches the brightness within the sunrise of your eyes and you’re by no means even a little bit of an early bird
    You hear the sound of vinyl recorded melodies without your headphones on repeat as you brush your teeth
    The dust slowly undresses as I then get dressed
    Looking for the perfect outfit is comparable to searching for these words
    And don’t get me started on shoes
    The right pair will have everyone on there heels and can capture the eyes to the soul
    That day my soul sang solo after the shower rained down cleansing compliments
    Chanting for an encore
    The volume of the claps is turned down
    The dust has finally kissed the ground
    And for the reveal my reflection sees a familiar memory
    As my mouth curves like a rose into a shape it hasn’t felt in awhile
    I’ve been chasing this flowery feeling like the butterfly tasting the flight of bliss
    I grab as fast as I can, gripping the steering wheel headed to the destination
    Shouting I’m never letting go
    As my opposite palm holds her hand
    I want to stop to picture frame this memory
    We stop at the red light and she asks: can I borrow a forehead kiss
    I respond: as long as you come back again
    p.s. this is happiness, it was something like that…


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    • I really enjoy your style of writing! You use a lot of literary devices like repetition, and metaphors which makes this fun to read; it’s kind of like a puzzle which is really engaging for me 🙂 I also love your vocabulary and the way you utilized words. I’m a word buff so the word “jargon” is going on my list of words to learn!

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    • This was so fun to read! My ADHD brain really appreciates the changes in pacing throughout the work.

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  • Ash Raymond James shared a letter in the Group logo of PoetryPoetry group 3 weeks, 4 days ago

    A Condensed Guide On Making Social Plans

    Say yes immediately!

    Do not check your schedule,
    do not consider
    the consequences
    until it’s too late.

    Lose sleep
    escape plans.

    anxiety is a loan shark
    and it will find you!

    Write the text and delete it
    a few hundred times.

    Google ‘how to safely
    poison yourself’

    Decide against it

    Cancel last minute

    and repeat.

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    • Starting with “say yes immediately!” is such a bold and inviting way to start a poem; I love it! This poem kind of sounds like the instability of anxiety in someone’s mind. I love the way you showed rather than told. Thank you for sharing 🙂

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  • Ash Raymond James shared a letter in the Group logo of PoetryPoetry group 3 weeks, 4 days ago

    Get Up

    Get up
    the day has been
    asking about you.

    Shake off the dust
    of your wallowing.

    Unhibernate your
    state of belonging.

    I have seen skeletons
    rediscover their heartbeats
    so I have no doubt that you can, too.

    Realign your bones.
    Wash off the sins that your
    sadness left behind.

    Become fierce again
    because the sky
    Is toothless mouth
    without you.

    The sun lies awake
    worried that he will never
    get the chance
    to cast your shadow again.

    The wind has a scripture of things
    it wants to whisper to you.

    Turn your door mats around
    so the world welcomes you.

    Introduce yourself
    like this world
    owes you something.

    It has left you breathless
    for far too long.
    You earned its oxygen.
    Claim it!

    This world is yours
    for the taking
    if you want it.

    So get up!
    The world
    has been asking about you

    it would be rude for you
    not to answer.

    Ash Raymond James

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    • WOW!!!
      Great poem, Really inspiring too. Clear and powerful message, to inspire us to take action and make the most of every opportunity.

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      • I am still learning how to use this platform, so this delay comes with an apology. Thank you so much.. Please check out my other work and I will be sure to check out yours.

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    • Wow… I LOVE the way you speak. The verbiage really paints a picture. I feel like the words you used dance together in a very moving way. I absolutely love the use of personification. You really animate the story you’re telling with the way you string words together. “ I have seen skeletons rediscover their heartbeats” is an amazing line. Keep it up!

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      • I hope you will forgive my late reply; I am still getting used to this platform. Your words truly mean a lot, and I just sent a friend request. I would love to read your work and connect more.

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  • ashleyg9393 shared a letter in the Group logo of PoetryPoetry group 3 weeks, 4 days ago


    Are you awake?
    Are you happy?

    Because your eyes are welled up and your mouth is sealed with fear.

    Do you dream?
    With your eyes open?

    Because the loneliness in your heart is quite thick in the air.

    Take courage, and stand up tall.
    You deserve to be heard and felt.
    Remember, that in this game, you’re in charge of the cards once dealt.

    One step closer to who you desire to be, as the tears drip down your face.
    Keep moving, steadily from the past but gracefully at your own pace.

    Reflect and mediate on the journey that you’ve now come to know.
    Set boundaries, burn bridges – not everyones here to watch you grow.

    A smirk, and then a smile, is that teeth I’m starting to see?
    Is there enjoyment in the destination that you are gradually envisioning for me?

    Are you awake?
    Are you happy?

    No, the ride won’t always be fun.
    Yes, self love and peace of mind will be signs that your job is done.

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    • Indeed happiness reminds us to be brave. Your poem is inspiring and encourages us to enjoy the process of becoming who we want to be. Thank you for sharing it with us.

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    • I love this poem, Ashley! It nicely highlights the connection between courage/action and happiness! I am including it in today’s newsletter 🙂

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    • This is a very inspiring reminder that our happiness lies at our finger tips. I also love how you repeated the phrase “Are you awake? Are you happy?” It made this story very full circle 🙂

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      • ☺️ thanks a ton! This poem felt very true to myself. I need that constant reminder to keep me from cruising through like. We’ve gotta enjoy every moment as much as possible!

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  • ashleyg9393 shared a letter in the Group logo of PoetryPoetry group 3 weeks, 4 days ago



    Peel off my layers,
    Unravel my fears,
    Decode my lies,
    Dispose of my tears,
    Exclude my insecurities,
    Arrange my “self”,
    Comfort my wounds,
    Aide me with health,
    Please my soul with creations,
    Subtract the debt,
    Remind me that what’s good is currently left,
    Make me good as new,
    Forgive my past,
    Have faith in my future,
    Believe I will last,
    Consider my growth,
    Encourage the process,
    Be my stool to newer heights,
    Give me space when I’m stressed,
    After all you’ve done and all you do,
    I hope my reconstruction is perfect for you.

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    • You are extremely talented. I love the flow of this poem so much! As soon as you said “peel off my layers” I immediately imagined layers of myself physically peeling; it was a great opening line to pull the reader in!

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  • Jake shared a letter in the Group logo of PoetryPoetry group 4 weeks ago

    Inside vs. Outside

    The feelings I have inside are not easy ones to let out BUT THIS IS ME!

    If you asked ME what is the FIRST THING people notice when I MYSELF enter a room it would and IS my LIMB and FISTED hand because of my cerebral palsy a physical disability

    Often NOT ALWAYS the FIRST THING JAKE SEES is being treated DIFFERENTLY, but THIS IS ME I do not know any differently!!!

    It’s easy for me to say I should be treated the SAME as others whose differences you can NOT SEE

    Unfortunately oftenbNOT ALWAYS the WORLD does NOT teach enough about SOCIETY and how WE are ALL BORN DIFFERENTLY!!!

    mine is just one you SEE!

    I hope that WE can keep the MAIN thing the MAIN thing and that is we ALL have a heart

    So I ask ALL to please let that be the MOST IMPORTANT thing WE SEE

    With Utmost LOVE & GRATITUDE


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    • Jake, I love how honest this piece is, and how you really take ownership of your story and your feelings. Thank you for sharing and thank you for being such a huge part of our community. <3 Lauren

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    • This is such a beautiful story. All too often we judge people superficially. This is a soulful reminder that we are not our bodies, but rather our hearts. Thank you for putting your love into this poem. Keep it up 🙂

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  • Joshua (roses) shared a letter in the Group logo of PoetryPoetry group 4 weeks, 1 day ago

    ⚠️ This letter has been reported

    Homicidal Ballad

    There was a war within the conversation
    Eight casualties reported that leaves only one left
    The gun holder hears a voice cry: what do you want from me?
    The gun confidently cocks a whisper: I want everything you didn’t give to me back
    You see in my head you were supposed to care
    Package your love as the gift I receive every second of the day
    But you were so nonchalant like the fashionable fabric that hangs off the shoulder purposely and doesn’t care about any penny pinching opinions
    Personality is fashion and doesn’t have to be understood
    I didn’t expect you to comprehend the inner workings, I just wanted you to try
    But you would rather show more interest in other things… I’m one of the reasons you’re still alive
    Funny now I got your life in my hand
    And I’m taking it, out like the trash today that has been sitting for too long
    Anger starts to cry as the gun holder exclaims say goodbye, say goodbye, say goodbye
    Can’t do it can you
    Don’t make me pull this trigger
    You ain’t never been about no action it’s always talk
    Neither have you, you were supposed lead me out of Egypt, but you just had me going in circles of your desert mind
    You were supposed to provide, but all you did was cover your tracks with paid excuses
    I know I’m not perfect and I promise I did try… I’m just still hurt, and the kaleidoscope pain made me dizzy
    It’s hard to move forward when you can’t catch balance as it falls, not to mention verbal bullets trying to permanently end the conversation
    What do you want from me?
    I want a ring, don’t casually date me be committed
    I give you a release, I am your peace, but you only tool this pleasure for your advantage, making copper from gold
    I’m a grown woman not one of your little friends
    I want you to understand my history and stop browsing
    I want you to protect me and walk on the busy side of the street
    I want to feel safe in your arms, keep all the danger locked away
    I’m a queen and want to be your friend to represent our royalty
    I want to be your inhale and you my exhale
    I’m jealous so I want to be your heart and rib
    I want you to love me the way Christ married the cross, and left little posted notes on the mirror in the form of a book for His children’[
    You wanted so much from me but never invested in me, us, our relationship has been life and death, but you keep it in the same breath… As small talk
    Then expect me to take our conversations seriously
    Well, if that’s what it’s going to be I’ll keep your letters piled up on the corner of the desk like the mail I need to throw away
    Cold steel makes me spit sweat and choke on air
    Kill shot, the gun is talking, the conversation has a period in the shape of a bullet
    The white light gets louder as I grow older
    Now what was all that talk you was saying?
    Breathing heavy, is this it, is it too late?
    Breathing heavy, She has blocked me
    She is Poetry and my blood is the ink
    I finally understand but is it too late
    Breathing heavy
    Please poetry take this writers block away from me
    p.s. she just wants respect…


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    • This is a masterfully constructed story. From the very first word in the title, I was hooked. You take such sensitive topics and paint them into a spectrum of human emotions. This poem is very raw and I see the humanity within it. I also really like the literary devices, like the personification used to say “ the gun is talking”. Wonderful work 🙂

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      • Thank you so much for your kind words…this poem was simply me trying to capture poetry’s voice for myself as a writer. This is the first poem of a series I am writing where I explore the maturity and relationship I’ve explored with poetry.

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  • Sofia Armstrong shared a letter in the Group logo of PoetryPoetry group 4 weeks, 1 day ago

    Be Still

    Be still
    Sweet one
    When clouds cover the sun
    And the breaths seem to take just a bit More effort
    Be still
    When the waters of your soul seem to Break through the carefully placed Barriers of life’s wounds and pour Straight from your spirits depths
    Manifest waters of emotion from the Non-physical
    To here
    Be still
    And listen
    For the whispers of your spirit in the Song of the morning dove or the soft Caress of wind on your neck
    Be still
    And feel the awe and love found only When you let go of you and become one With what is
    The melting sherbert colors of the sky Just before the sun sets below the Horizon
    A reminder that goodbyes can be Beautiful too
    And aren’t always the finite things we Make them to be. . .
    Be still
    And rejoice
    For you are alive and able to receive all These blessings and more
    As your breath stills
    And your being remains


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  • Joshua (roses) shared a letter in the Group logo of PoetryPoetry group 4 weeks, 1 day ago

    Her Favorite Candle is My Cologne

    She said get dressed we’re going out
    Immediately my introverted thoughts tied me down to chair where I was watching a movie
    She could see my hesitation breathing hard so she quickly interjected
    Before you say no I took care of all the essentials, so you don’t have to worry about anything
    It’s all planned out, and I know you don’t like to always get fancy so this is more of a business casual scene
    She then casually walks away saying I need to go get ready
    We’re leaving in 40
    I leave my comfortable chair and make my way to the closet
    Trying my best to closet my anxiety
    Maybe my off whites will help me walk away from the dark thoughts
    Today feels like a bow tie day
    I usually put my cologne on last but in the rush of the moment things got mixed up
    Tree sprays and she could sense the scent in the atmosphere change
    Lust became a dangerous game
    She ran my direction and said close your eyes before she entered the room
    I don’t want you to see my outfit
    She ran up behind me and her lips hugged my cheek
    Then she walked in front of me, her hands covered my eyes
    She asked what is that you’re wearing
    As I started to speak her lips gripped mine before I could get a word out
    She said is smells sweet
    I replied: like candy
    She answered: yes
    She then proceeded to steal two more candy coated cologne kisses from me
    Now finish getting ready she whispered as she left the room
    p.s. I’m so in love…


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  • Joshua (roses) shared a letter in the Group logo of PoetryPoetry group 4 weeks, 1 day ago

    Buy Her Flowers

    Roses are blue and violets are red
    When I think of you everything is backwards in my head
    Like what I usually would never do I’m now thinking about times two
    Every reservation turns into an invitation, so I made plans including dinner for two
    Her favorite flower is a rose, and what would a rose be by any other name
    If I pick a rose does it take my last name
    Roses are pink and Lilys are Lilac
    Lavender conversations tastes different when you know she has your back
    A rose tattooed on my back is dead until your finger tips hug my thorns
    A relationship embraces the pain of every fallen petal
    A rose is just a star but with you holding it I can see the galaxy
    Dreams aren’t that far away with you in the passenger seat
    She drives me crazy and I don’t mind
    What’s happiness without adversity
    Is a rose still as beautiful without the barb wire
    Roses are white and sunflowers are teal
    In a crowded room, far away, but I can still feel
    U without the y. o. because something is different
    U and I could be different, and the world needs a change
    p.s. I just want to buy you flowers…


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  • Joshua (roses) shared a letter in the Group logo of PoetryPoetry group 4 weeks, 1 day ago

    I Planted Something New

    It’s the breath I need but can’t reach
    Arms extended as far as they can reach
    But the superhero is late this time and can’t save me
    Plan ahead they say so you can make time to smell the flower things
    I’ve never been much of a gardener
    However, today I’m planting mustard seeds
    So, my confidence can age as grand as the canyon
    I can finally picture heaven in the palm of my hands with this Canon
    Camera, bombing any part of hell left in my yesterday that tries to burn my film
    Hope used to be a dream then I made my dreams come true
    Hope used to slip through my fingers but now I wear it as a cape
    Flying over depression, fear, and regret
    Debts I no longer wish to add to
    Stop subtracting from you, thinking to myself
    Hope is priceless, you don’t have to play tag with money
    That’s why the tag looks out of place in a garden
    The highest value holders are free
    Plant faith and wake up in a field of dreams
    Plant a rose and fall in love
    Plant patience and endurance will run past any future
    Harmony outlasts pains earthquake
    Honor overcomes poisoned endings
    And it gives me hope that tomorrow isn’t so bad after all
    I don’t always feel super, but I will be my own hero
    p.s. don’t forget your cape…


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