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Dear Unsealers,

The Unsealed is a platform where we help people write and exchange inspirational open letters that reveal strength and encourage compassion. Our mission is to use a diverse collection of voices and experiences to empower and unite people.

My career as a sports journalist, working for ABC (Cleveland), CBS (Buffalo), MSG Varsity (New York) and NBA.com, led me to create The Unsealed. Enlightened and inspired by the athletes I covered, in 2017, before the #MeToo movement, I mustered up the courage to share what was once my darkest secret. I wrote an open letter to sexual assault survivors, detailing my personal experience with sexual violence. My letter went viral around the country.

Sharing my story made me feel unstoppable. So much so, I started The Unsealed to provide a space where people of all races, genders, sexual orientations and socioeconomic backgrounds can be heard and supported, while also motivating and educating others.

Lauren worked as a sportscaster in Cleveland, Buffalo and New York.

Our letters come from a range of people, including high-profile athletes and entertainers, who have overcome tremendous adversity to parents who want to make the world better for the next generation.

As a member of The Unsealed, you can enter our writing contests. You can share your stories , connect with PenPals and ask our members for advice. You can engage in our discussions on our weekly live interactive show, Unsealed Conversations. Also, as a member, you receive access to exclusive content while supporting our goal of catalyzing social change.

Each of us may experience the world differently but our letters unseal the humanity that connects us all.

So, join The Unsealed in uniting our world. Together, we can fight against hate and hurt while uplifting each other by using our greatest power, which is our truth.

With love and hope,

Lauren Brill

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