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  • everything andnothing shared a letter in the Group logo of Mental HealthMental Health group 1 weeks ago

    The Matrix

    The Matrix

    I wake up like I never went to bed.
    Sleep is upon my open eyes,
    yet they are glazed and scarlet red.
    I don’t remember what happened yesterday,
    nor do I have a semblance of what the day holds.
    I schedule my life out to stop the mind decay.
    I sip my coffee until I realize for two hours it’s been cold.
    I glance around myself,
    “When did I put that picture on my wall?”
    “Did I put it together or buy that bookshelf?”
    Sometimes I wonder if there’s someone I could call?
    But for everyone living their lives,
    going to school, work, home, sleep-
    It really wouldn’t make sense to hear my cries.
    I can’t remember how my mind got so deep.
    How I can’t recollect moving into this apartment.
    I know I pay for bills, electric and such,
    I have a garage that has my car now with a dent,
    I mean I remember that much.
    I used to go to college,
    I had a friend, I think.
    But school never taught me a good message.
    I always felt blue and everyone was pink,
    like I had a mask.
    I was so perfect, smart and happy,
    but at home, there was always a panic attack waiting for me,
    a part no one could, nor would ever see.
    Somehow I stopped driving to college.
    I had several jobs and goals,
    yet I couldn’t find my true meaning or message.
    Outside I seemed successful with my methods and morals,
    but it seems there’s a part of my soul left behind,
    somewhere along moving out and now,
    I lost my mind.
    Either that or the matrix has me now under its hold.
    Somedays I feel the grass under my feet,
    and other times
    I can’t even look at myself without wanting to retreat.
    Cause somewhere along the lines,
    I lost me,
    and I don’t think I can get her back.
    Somewhere on the other side of the root and the tree,
    ss the life of that little girl I now lack.
    God, I just want to wake up sometimes
    without shocking myself with my own touch.
    To not wonder If I committed any crimes,
    cause my hands are calloused and rough,
    From something I can’t even remember,
    or can even give a second thought.
    When I go to sleep at night
    It’s with dread and regret,
    that I have no idea what happened in this fight.
    But what can you do as you watch the sun set,
    It’s the matrix.
    Maybe one day,
    someone will come and it will all be,

    Frankie Baker

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  • Darnel LaFrance shared a letter in the Group logo of Mental HealthMental Health group 1 weeks, 4 days ago

    Staircase in the Glass Castle

    Once again//I lay awake,
    Light passes through dark stained glass skin,
    A mirror, a chisel, a key,
    The door behind swings open,
    And why should I not have that which I desire?
    I trace her steps.
    My amethyst heart pounds violently as I maneuver through corridors of crystal,
    Glassy tears break into marble pieces/my feet don’t bleed from shards,
    I stare down at the marble Staircase in the Glass Castle,
    Statuesque like meter in the frame,
    And it was beautiful.
    Never more/I fall asleep
    The ugly lustre of my body devours the room,
    A reflection, a thought, an emotion,
    I close the door behind by me,
    I know not what I desire when my body desires my mind,
    I return to the room.

    At my worst, it’s felt like I’ve been swimming through my molasses. The storm has passed, yet fog remained. Echoes blurred the vision of an aimless vagabond.

    I cannot see; still, I love my eyes

    The Boy With The Black Eyes

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  • Darnel LaFrance shared a letter in the Group logo of Mental HealthMental Health group 1 weeks, 4 days ago


    My veins are celluloid,
    My skin is made of wood,
    I kept along the lighting fires,
    Trying to get rid of myself.
    Wake a little skin for the shredder,
    Fill the basket with my pieces,
    If I walk in the wind,
    I’ll just be carried away,
    Take me to the stars so I may be light,
    I know not what you want of me in this life,
    Flax off in pieces; I’ll be paper today/
    & I just need a little water to grow up
    & I just need a little sunshine to grow up


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  • Rebecca Engle shared a letter in the Group logo of Mental HealthMental Health group 1 months ago


    Birds still chirp their fucking hearts out on crap days,
    Like a karaoke star who’s totally lost his way.
    And flowers? They’re gatecrashing funerals with sass,
    Whispering, “Was it our fucking fragrance, perhaps?”

    People scatter when shit really starts to hit the fan,
    Quicker than I say “fuck it” to my diet plan.
    But the ride-or-dies? They stick like fucking glue,
    Like that piece of gum on your shoe, never bidding adieu.

    The moon’s up there, changing her damn mind,
    Like me in front of the fridge, a late-night find.
    So hey, give yourself a break, don’t stress the fucking phase,
    We’re all just bumbling through life’s mad, crazy maze.

    In the cracks and crevices, we find our fucking groove,
    Dodging life’s big-ass feet, we move and we improve.
    Escaping the drizzle, dodging the damn pee,
    We’re the fucking misfits, making it, wild and free.

    So when life feels as tough as a week-old fucking baguette,
    Remember, we’re rocking this shit, no need to fret.
    In this grand ol’ mess, we might seem fucking small,
    But we’re damn well blooming, giving it our fucking all.

    Rebecca Engle

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    • Rebecca , your letter is filled with raw and honest emotion. Life may be chaotic, but remember, you’re resilient. Embrace your uniqueness and keep pushing forward. You’re blooming and giving it your all, no matter how tough things get.

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  • Shandi Henley shared a letter in the Group logo of Mental HealthMental Health group 1 months, 1 weeks ago


    It’s like I’ve been trying to get somewhere my whole entire life, but
    hitting every red light along the way.
    ITS Like my brakes go out
    thousands miles too soon.
    And like I burn
    thru way too much gas after filling,
    and I can’t even trryyy to justify
    the wear n tear of the motor.
    I have Been spinning my wheel
    and getting nowhere
    for as long as I can remember.
    I’m running on fumes.
    My tires are bald.
    I’m one blow out away from
    swerving into oncoming traffic.
    My dreams are in the passenger seat
    with a broken seat belt, a drunken smile,
    and an empty bottle of vodka
    that I haven’t gotten the courage
    to throw away.
    I have a green valley
    of possibility in front of me.
    And a mountain of regret
    in my rear view mirror!
    I’m hoping there is just enough
    in the tank to make it to the end of this road. CRASH

    Shandi Lynn #SadGirlChronicles

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    • Shandi, your letter beautifully expresses the frustrations and challenges you’ve been facing. Keep pushing forward and don’t let the setbacks define you. You have the strength to overcome and reach your dreams. Stay determined and believe in yourself.

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  • gorilladna shared a letter in the Group logo of Mental HealthMental Health group 1 months, 2 weeks ago


    I am a work in progress

    Orphan baby that time stole

    As I figure out my role

    Though sometime just a hot mess

    I try to find my true self

    Racing time against its toll

    Challenging my self control

    While maintaining mental health

    The haters and the lovers

    Inspire my will to thrive

    And my desire to stay alive

    Lest I dive under the covers

    So, in stepping out of bed

    I take steps toward my goal

    Like a newborn baby foal

    To live life outside my head

    Ricardo Albertorio

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    • Ricardo, we are all a work in progress. But, in my humble opinion, you are wonderful just as you are today. You are kind and thoughtful. Keep pursuing your happiness. You deserve it. <3 Lauren

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      • Thank you, Lauren. Isn’t that life’s greatest challenge? The process of learning to love and accept yourself. We’re all “getting there” in the best way we know how.

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    • That’s certainly my goal too! Keep pushing forward, you’ll get there. I will too.

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  • AnaStasia Eliza Grieff shared a letter in the Group logo of Mental HealthMental Health group 1 months, 3 weeks ago

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    Mental Black Hole

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  • Joshua (roses) shared a letter in the Group logo of Mental HealthMental Health group 1 months, 4 weeks ago

    Shadows in the Mirror

    Have I really been working on myself or did I just change from my work clothes to something more comfortable
    Is this depression or is it just the pigment of my skin
    Can I defeat you, detach from you or are you so fingerprinted to my thoughts that I’m simply running away from me
    Sometimes I wish I could just escape me, myself wears a mask, and I am tired of getting dressed up just to still feel down
    I’m black said my mind, I live in the shadows of sadness watching the sunlight from a distance
    If only the heat from the suns smile would kiss me, maybe it would melt away my sadness
    I’m black said my words, followed by you’re different, they won’t accept you, you don’t fit in
    I’m black says the mirror looking at a reflection of depression
    I get so lost in my waning emotions my waxing moon can barely breathe
    It’s so cold that even the rays of light feel sad
    I’m black, I’m depressed, I’m black, I’m oppressed, I’m black I’m obsessed with the idea of my feelings living on equal ground
    I’m black, I’m depressed the two interchange while beginning to sound the same so much so I took depressions last name
    When I look at me I see one broken piece
    I can’t find the rest of the lyrics to my song, maybe it’s because the writer will never finish it
    Maybe it’s because I didn’t cry enough to water my heart
    I’m black, I’m dirt, but my soil is killing the last remaining rose
    I am a rose with bloody red regrets for petals, I put my failures on a pedestal
    So, every time I tried to look up it got me nowhere
    I’m lost and I keep letting the grey line give me directions, because there’s a thin line between joy and happiness, and in the middle is pity where you can find me
    I’m black so they think I stole these 5 minutes of happiness, and so what if I did everyone deserves 15 minutes of fame and mine is coming soon
    But right now, I just want to smile and actually feel the laughter hold me instead of the facade that hugs me like a long embrace
    This morning I stopped running and looked depression in the face
    My mind is not yours it is the Lord’s
    p.s. let the battle begin


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    • Roses, your words paint a vivid picture of the struggles you face. Depression may cast a dark shadow, but remember that your identity is not defined by it. Your strength lies in acknowledging the battle and refusing to let it consume you. Hold onto hope and believe that brighter days are ahead. The battle may be tough, but you are not alone. Keep…read more

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  • Unveiling the truth about taking chances

    As a writer, I often find myself discovering scraps of writing I have jotted down somewhere, or suddenly, a line will appear in my head that doesn’t fit anywhere or doesn’t feel good enough. Sometimes, I foolishly let it fly away because it wasn’t what I was looking for at that moment. I have pondered how we do this with so many things. We set expectations and order and refuse anything that breaks the pattern, even if the thing we are shooing away isn’t harmful but is healing. We become so strict within ourselves that we become the cause of our discomfort. We search for relief in one way and refuse to accept that anything other than that specific thing will help. There is a calming effect that comes with the familiar, but only because one thing helps us, it doesn’t mean something else won’t. Here is a little silly analogy. Only because you love fries doesn’t mean you can’t like mash. It doesn’t mean mash isn’t satisfying, even if fries are your favorite. The same goes for everything in life. Are you feeling sad? Then you probably know something that can help, but if you are being entirely honest, can you say you are open-minded and open-hearted to other options? We tend to dismiss things before attempting them and convince ourselves that something else won’t work until it stands no chance. I was against exercising for so long. Told myself that I hated it and did so with such intensity I couldn’t let myself feel how I genuinely felt. There was no benefit because I refused there to be one. I was determined for it to fail, so it failed; however, when I let go, gave it a chance, and approached it with openness, I learned it does a lot for my mental health. This is one example of many. It is strange how this links with my writing and how I have started writing down the notes I would abandon before, and the results have been incredible. Instead of telling myself they are awful and brushing them out the door, I let them stay a while. I give them room in my notepad and let them ruminate.
    In summary, I am saying we are terrible at giving things chances, and we should open ourselves to everything. It is okay if you give something a genuine attempt and it doesn’t work out for you, but please try it. Download the running app, try those HIIT workouts, make that recipe you’ve been unsure about, and write the poetry you are sure will suck. In celebration of this, here is an ending of a poem my brain created that doesn’t have a body yet. Hopefully, one day, it will.
    “Please call back later
    I’m trying to sleep off the silence
    And if you don’t understand
    what I’m saying
    You’re cured.”
    (If you like this letter, I write these weekly on my website. I will post more here also, so make sure we’re friends.)

    Ash Raymond James

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    • Ash, your letter is amazing. It’s true that we often ignore or overlook the potential healing and growth that can come from surprising sources. We become so set in our ways, clinging to what is familiar and comfortable, that we miss out on new possibilities. It takes courage to step outside our comfort zones and give things a genuine chance. Your…read more

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  • cee133 shared a letter in the Group logo of Mental HealthMental Health group 2 months, 1 weeks ago

    Mood Swing Queen vs. Movie Buff

    Dear Movie Fanatics,

    Where do I start on my mood swing journey?

    Well, you all should know a little about my personality. To begin, I am a partial introvert with an appreciation for life. Empathetic, goofy, and humble all rolled into a nerdy late 30-year-old. I go through the swing of life with a healthy mix of career and personal goals. My love life is healthy, and my fiancée is awesome. He is my balance, happiness, and 1/4 of my heart next to my dad, mom, and dog.
    Just to give a little background now let’s go on the rollercoaster- fasten your seatbelts, everybody.
    Like most people, I go through different moods depending on my situation in life. I have 5 that drive the genre of shows I am going to watch for the day, week, or month.
    MOOD 1 (Psychological Thriller Genre)
    Typically, when I start watching films like this it indicates that I have been around complex individuals—usually my friends, fiancée, or coworkers. To add on, I have watched something insightful/educational. My handy dandy TV providers HULU, Netflix, Tubi, etc… are always on the ball with recommendations for what I usually watch but sometimes I like to switch it up on them.
    Recently, I came across a movie called “The Loft” which has a pretty badass cast. The plot centers around five married men who use a loft to have affairs however one woman ends up dead and they must figure out who killed her. Sounds predictable to most moviegoers but the writers threw in two great plot twists. Logan’s character, the main one who ended up buying the loft, ends up essentially screwing all his friends over by having affairs with Chris’s wife, sleeping with Ben’s sister (who was a virgin), and Matt’s affair partner. All the friends end up framing him for the murder of the girl, but it ends up being the awkward friend of the group who gave the girls sleeping pills and Logan’s half-brother who kills her.
    A lot went into the plot, but I was very impressed with the director’s ability to keep the story on track. I love it when I have to double back on a film or re-watch it to understand the plot.
    After awhile, my brain does need a break from all the movie Jedi mind tricks and that’s when I transition to the more non fiction based genres.
    MOOD 2 (Documentary Genre)
    After I have gotten my dose of fiction for a week straight, I start to crave semi-predictable “historically accurate” content. I tend to get into this mood whenever I discover something new about myself or the people around me. Research begins and I look up specific artists of different genres to get their backstory. For example, sometime last year I happened to be listening to “Time Machine”, by Willow Smith, and in the lyrics, she sings, ” Baby, if I had a time machine, I’d go back to 1983. Maybe I would chill with Basquiat, I’d be out there playing make-believe.” The first question that sprung to mind was, “Who tf was Basquiat? Some French guy?”. Without hesitation, I immediately did a Roku TV search and happened to find a documentary on Hulu called, “Boom For Real: The Late Teenage Years of Jean-Michael Basquiat”.
    “OMG, this is the SAMO guy!”- I screamed aloud.
    Of course, my random outburst scared my dog and fiancée, but it was only because I felt like I had been sleeping under a rock. After watching how prolific this melanated Brooklyn-born artist was during the 80’s, I ended up purchasing a huge Basquiat-inspired “docu-art-book” (roughly 1,000 pages long) and got through 25% of the book as I am writing this article today.
    After viewing 1-10 artists’ life stories, I started to wonder if these celebrities infamous or not, were the inspiration for different horror films. I then delve into my Horror Film binge.
    MOOD 3: (Horror Genre)
    Recently, I have been curious about the human experience regarding coincidental or inexplicable events happening in the past or present. I researched the story of Ed & Lorraine Warren. While most people thought they were “Kooks”, I found the integration of their career in “The Conjuring Universe” to be quite insightful. Curiosity at this point got the better of me and I began my binge of the whole series. From “Annabelle” to “The Nun”, each movie kept my attention for following the storyline. Jump scares used in moderation make for a great horror film in my opinion.
    Afterward, I go to the old-school films that set the bar for the horror franchise today. Films such as “Child’s Play”, “The Exorcist”, “The Shining”, “Alien” etc… I am a firm believer in giving homage to the originals. Eventually, after my subconscious tricks me into believing I am being chased by an evil puppeteer, I begin my transition into a animated viewing experience.
    I usually get into my animation craze when I need a dose of comedic relief from any horror or non-fiction binge I finish. Anime, Manga, and cartoons hold a special place in my heart and brain. Maybe the fact that someone’s inner child brought their imagination to life is what draws me in so heavily. One of my favorite anime series is Cowboy Bebop. Alongside this masterpiece, I also love “Samurai Champloo”, “Trigun”, “Attack on Titan”, and “The Boondocks”, just to name a few.
    Afterwards, I go down memory lane for my dose of nostalgia and start watching projects from Nickelodeon, Disney Channel, and Cartoon Network. “Samurai Jack”, “Hey Arnold”, “Code Name Kids Next Door”, “The Proud Family”, etc… bring me down memory lane and my loved ones talk about which episodes resounded with us the most.
    Recently, I made two cartoon theories on the TikTok app. Both theories focus on the possibility of cartoon characters being reincarnated on other cartoon shows. For example, I made a theory video about Susie Carmichael, from “The Rugrats” being reincarnated as Ms. Zorski the drama/English and music teacher due to their hobbies or life events in each show. As a result, I have come up with 5 video theories that are in progress as I write this letter. I love the fact these animations can get your imagination running wild. After a while, I need to come back to “reality” and I end my monthly genre binge with a more adrenaline-based viewing.
    Mood 5 : (Action Packed Genre)
    Finally, I end my monthly binge with some blood-rushing special effects and ass-kicking films/tv shows. I usually get into this mood after watching manga turned into anime shows where the fight scenes get my blood pumping. My favorite action film is a mix of horror/action, and it is “Blade”. I know that is technically “cheating” but his killing vampires and the fight scenes using Wesley Snipes are downright awesome. I always get more inspired to learn self-defense in my spare time as a result of watching an action-packed movie. I’d also venture to say that the actors/actresses also inspire me to get to my ideal body. Special thanks to Halle Berry in “Catwoman” for her perfect curves in tight leather. Standing ovation for Salma Hayek in “Dusk till Dawn” for her two-piece bikini dancer body. Honorable mention shout out to Angelina Jolie for making it cool for girls to look sexy in hunting gear with gun holsters.
    After I tire myself out mentally and physically, I give the action genre a break and restart the binge process all over again.
    In conclusion, my taste in movies has changed over the years but my personality has played a role in the films/tv shows I have had the pleasure/displeasure of viewing. I’ve concluded that my rollercoaster always encompasses these 5 main genres. However, they do not always follow the order of the genres listed in this piece. Sometimes, I can have one mood for two to three weeks at a time and I could end up watching one genre for 3 weeks and switch it up at the last minute. (Especially if I am feeling impulsive).
    So, I challenge all my TV/FILM fanatics to look into their favorite genres and reflect on their process for picking what they want to watch for the day or month.
    Ready, Set, GO!

    Ceirra Evans

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    • Wow Ceirra, Your letter beautifully captures the diverse range of moods and genres that influence your movie choices. It’s fascinating how our personalities and life experiences shape our preferences as well. Your detailed descriptions of each mood and the films that accompany them are both insightful and relatable. It’s clear that you have a deep…read more

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  • Rebecca Engle shared a letter in the Group logo of Mental HealthMental Health group 2 months, 2 weeks ago

    Do they color?

    In the realm of whispers, where simple truths twist and turn
    Resides the tale of crayons, damaged and yearned.
    “They still bring color ” they say, with a glance
    Those who have tried know its a flawed dance.

    For crayons though vibrant and bold
    Struggle, in hands that fail to hold.
    The canvas awaits, vast and forgiving
    Fragmented pieces make coloring less than living.

    Coloring, not painting; the distinction is clear
    One wields crayons while the other brushes near.
    Yet the challenge endures with these parts
    Smooth strokes of joy elude us like lost arts.

    Lines appear jagged and hesitant, on our quest
    With each tiny fragment causing hues to fade best.
    The persists “They still bring color indeed ”
    Oh how we long for crayons to succeed.

    For isn’t true bliss found in slow glides?
    In crayons that smoothly coincide?
    Yet from brokenness we learn resilience imbued
    Colors emerge despite abuse endured.Well you know when it comes to coloring with crayons it’s not as easy, as using the ones. It’s like a story of never giving up and facing our fears. Actually it could even be seen as a metaphor for more than just coloring.

    In both life and coloring those who are broken may still manage to leave their impactful marks.. Lets not pretend that it’s just as simple or fair for everyone. We all have our own challenges and obstacles to overcome, both in our lives and, in our endeavors.

    Rebecca Engle

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    • Rebecca your exploration of coloring with crayons is profound. It captures the struggle and strength that we encounter in both life and our creative goals. Your illustrative understanding expands beyond coloring, reminding me that everyone faces unique challenges and obstacles. It’s a powerful reminder to embrace our brokenness and find strength…read more

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  • Kalianah shared a letter in the Group logo of Mental HealthMental Health group 3 months ago

    A Lioness Arises

    I don’t mean to sound conceited
    But now I’m focused on respecting me
    I’ve lived my life trying to people please,
    Finally done with it, I broke free
    I need to respect me
    By setting boundaries
    Boundaries stronger than Titanium
    I need to practice saying no
    Saying no to compromise
    And stand firm in my beliefs, feelings and healing
    I need to practice discernment
    Keeping my vulnerabilities away from those
    Those who only know how to hurt me
    I need to practice patience
    That word used to scare me
    I used to be so hard on myself for not
    Not progressing as fast as others
    I need to stop comparing myself
    I have my own pace and they have theirs
    I need to practice confidence
    I need to walk in boldness and grace
    Like a Lioness with pride in her prowess
    Stomping on the skulls of what used to haunt me
    Terrorizing my sleep, making me drowsy
    So I can’t live to my full potential with this chronic fatigue
    Afraid to sleep because the girl I saw
    Seemed to be impossible to be,
    So I shut her out to have depression keep me company
    I thank my Father for pushing me and encouraged to fight
    So i take my sword paired with my shield
    Decimating the lies that the demons wield
    Their voices no longer linger in my brain
    All because I fought without restrain
    I wont tolerate what I don’t deserve.
    I need to take care of me
    So I have the capability to be a blessing to others
    I need to put my healing first,
    So I don’t bleed on the ones who didn’t cut me.
    I need to trust myself,
    So I can discern who I can or cannot trust.
    I need to respect myself,
    So I can respect those I love that surround me.
    So that way I’m not plagued by hypocrisy.


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    • Kalianah, Your letter is a powerful confession of self-respect and self-care. It’s inspiring to see your journey of breaking free from the need to people-please and setting strong boundaries. Your courage to overcome comparison and embrace confidence is remarkabe. Thank you for sharing your story and reminding us of the need of self-respect in o…read more

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  • Rebecca Engle shared a letter in the Group logo of Mental HealthMental Health group 4 months, 1 weeks ago


    Within the corridors, where the echoes gradually fade
    There lies a hidden torment silently made.
    In the minds of those who strive and push
    Exist battles that few truly recognize.

    Amongst the books and academic commotion
    Deep shadows lurk, a hush, in motion.
    For college souls burdened and weary
    Depressions hold becomes a cloak to carry.

    Assignments pile up expectations soar
    Yet within storms rage and hearts deeply sigh.
    Smiles become faint behind veils they wear
    Concealing pain that’s far from being clear.

    Isolation hides within spaces grand
    Loneliness conceals itself with a friendly hand.
    Lost in the whirlwind of ceaseless days pace
    Depression whispers its message in ways.

    Craving solace amidst a crowds embrace
    Unheard cries and emotions shrouded with grace.
    Yearning for light to pierce through the gloom
    In this labyrinth searching for a room.

    Oh college hearts! Burdened and fragile you may be
    Your struggles remain unseen behind your veil so free.
    Know this; in darkness glimmers shall rise,
    Guiding you beyond murky skies disguise.

    Reach out! Let voices break through the nights hold tight
    And find strength and light together as one might.
    For, in shared burdens healing can be found profound
    And through empathys embrace hope can truly abound.

    Rebecca Engle

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    • Rebecca,Your poem beautifully captures the hidden struggles faced by college students. The academic pressure and weight of expectations is deeply relatable. Your words remind me of the importance of reaching out and supporting one another in times of darkness. Together, we can find strength, healing, and hope. Thank you for sharing your truth.

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  • Rebecca Engle shared a letter in the Group logo of Mental HealthMental Health group 4 months, 2 weeks ago


    Within the depths of this disguise
    I find solace away from my cries.
    This fabric cloak shields me from prying eyes
    Hiding scars I keep hidden from the skies.

    “Do you feel a chill?” they kindly inquire,
    Unaware of the burning soul within my fire.
    In this jacket I quietly confide,
    The secrets of battles where emotions collide.

    Beneath these layers lies a map of pain
    Each moment etched on skin that couldn’t be restrained.
    Hidden cuts and scars silently plead,
    Visible, to me marking my need.

    Each thread and stitch that holds it tight
    Creates a refuge where judgment takes flight.
    Shielding these scars with an embrace so strong
    Concealing the struggle in a space where it belongs.

    So when they ask, “Are you feeling cold my dear?”
    I offer them a smile despite my fear.
    This colossal jacket seems like attire
    But beneath its surface it veils my desires.

    Rebecca Engle

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  • Jake shared a letter in the Group logo of Mental HealthMental Health group 4 months, 2 weeks ago

    Learning To Recycle

    Loving yourself is not easy
    Thinking about it makes me dizzy.
    My head spirals like the wind
    I think about what could have been
    Would my love for myself be different if I had not let society’s opinion take me on this tailspin?
    I wish I were a dog
    Not remembering their last internal sin.
    Giving myself love should not be difficult
    But my happiness does not come from within!
    Relying on others for my happiness will never allow me to feel that “win”
    All it does is cause me to throw my accomplishments into the trash bin
    However, it’s never too late to recycle
    Recognizing where I have been.
    Self-love is hard
    But life is like a sport
    Always giving you a chance to get that comeback win
    Before I throw my accomplishments in the bin
    Not remembering where I have been
    I certainly will remember this poem and its satisfaction.
    I love myself because I know I can win!

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    • Jake, your poem reflects the internal struggle of finding self-love and happiness. The metaphorical references and vivid imagery paint a powerful picture of your journey. Remember that self-love is a process, and it’s never too late to start embracing yourself. Your determination to overcome obstacles and find that “comeback win” is inspiring.…read more

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  • db-cooper shared a letter in the Group logo of Mental HealthMental Health group 4 months, 2 weeks ago

    RX Ginny Pig

    Hello in there, is your head working yet? Here just take another pill.
    For breakfast every morning I have a colorful array of meds.
    Just so I can fit in, I hate it I really do. don’t worry here’s another pill to cheer you up, one to keep u from your nightmarish dreams. One to stay awake, one for pain, another to be in a. Good mood, one to make you stay in a good mood. but it might take a few meds to find the right one
    My mind feels perfectly fine.
    Another appointment? Let’s change it up. A few MG’s up a few down.
    Are you ready for another round
    Ya, I’m down.
    I hear a sound. Let’s wing it this timeIt’ll be fine, You’ll feel so much better. You might even get a little thinner.
    Who knows, the sky’s the limit! That’s the ticket, keep on taking them they’ll keep on making em.
    Addicting those that are weak, and seem to only seek The ones they can critique….

    Danielle Bettro

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    • Danielle this is really powerful. I know other people who have gotten in the cycle of taking pills for mental health, and feel as though they are being put on a rollercoaster similar to the way you describe the experience.

      You know your mind and body best. And you know what’s best for you. I am cheering your happiness on from afar. <3Lauren

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    • I absolutely love this. It’s the truth. There’s no solution just meds

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    • Wow this is so powerful I’ve been raised in mental hospitals and medication has been shoved down my throat my whole life and I have always described the process of being properly medicated as this and you perfectly put the reality of it in the best words well done

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      • Thank you very much for the kind words Im humbled that you could relate to it so much! I appreciate you!

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  • Kiore shared a letter in the Group logo of Mental HealthMental Health group 4 months, 2 weeks ago

    If I Won’t, Who Will?

    I was asked why I loved myself.
    Hmm, that’s a good question.
    Could it be because of how well I play with the cards that have been dealt?
    How I managed to cure myself of depression?
    How I chosen to turn every loss into a lesson?
    Maybe the compassion I have, not only for others but also for myself?
    You’d think that I’d be put first in that previous sentence but, I’ve just recently learned how to give myself grace.

    I love how big my heart is.
    So big that I’ve allowed it to misguide me at times.
    I’ve allowed people to break it plenty of times.
    But I love that, no matter how many times it broke, I chose to pick up the pieces and heal them on my own.
    I love my optimism and my willingness to be open-minded.
    Seeing the glass half full & being open to all possibilities has kept me together.
    If it weren’t for that, my life would be completely different.

    I love & embrace the good, the bad, and the ugly within myself, because if I don’t, how can someone else?
    Don’t get me wrong, some people will love you no matter how much or little you love yourself.
    But the ones who don’t, are the manifestations of your internal reality.
    All based on how you believe you’re perceived in this world.
    So I choose to love myself because that’s what love is.
    Choosing to put effort into committing to the relationships in your life
    No matter how difficult it may be

    Love is choosing to accept the people in your life for all that they are.
    And letting go of trying to control things you cannot
    I cannot control the people that have tried to make me hate myself.
    I can only see how little love they may have for themselves & show compassion.
    And so I choose to do the same for myself.
    I choose to accept & love all of myself
    Because I am so ever deserving of it.

    Kiore Andrews

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    • Kiore, I admire your self-reflection and the love you have for yourself. Taking on your strengths, overcoming challenges, and showing kindness to yourself and others is truly inspiring. Keep spreading love and embracing your worth.

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  • Vision shared a letter in the Group logo of Mental HealthMental Health group 4 months, 3 weeks ago

    Why i Love The Woman I've Become

    You’re Confident
    You’re Beautiful
    You’re Loving
    You’re Kind
    This beautiful heart that has developed
    To care about individuals as much as you do
    The confidence you truly found in you
    I’m proud and love the woman I’ve become
    It took me a long time to get here
    You’re a queen
    You’re a goddess
    You are it
    No one can take this away from you
    You made it Vision
    You love you
    You don’t doubt yourself anymore
    You believe in you
    I love who you have grown into
    A true Vision of Love

    Vision .W

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  • rickwrites shared a letter in the Group logo of Mental HealthMental Health group 4 months, 3 weeks ago


    My body,
    What do you think of when I say that phrase ?

    Do you cringe in disgust or feel a deep praise?

    Whichever side you find yourself on the line..
    let me tell you about mine, and how an injury to my spine..

    Completely changed the way that I lived life,
    I’m grateful to be a father, because my surgeons weren’t sure if I could give life,

    Even though it’s uncomfortable I’m thankful for this steel wear,
    because the alternative, was being 23 in a wheelchair,

    This shit got on my nerves,
    especially after finding out that I had nerve damage,
    I wasn’t disabled but definitely at a disadvantage.

    I had to change my vantage point, and be thankful that my joints and tendons and bones-
    overcame their adversity to reclaim my home.

    My body.

    the only place I know I get to live in,

    I need to start honoring it and begin to forgive it.
    There’s things I deal with but maybe you’re different,

    Maybe you can’t help that you have a genetic diagnosis,
    my heart shatters for every woman with endometriosis.

    Maybe you have anxiety and depression,
    maybe you carry an epipen and dread the day you need to press it.

    Or maybe you suffer from Disphormia, or anorexia,

    Or adhd, austism, dyslexia

    But then again
    Maybe you’ve never felt sexier,
    Do your eyes turn to stone when you pass by a mirror,
    But please open them and to see yourself clearer.

    Seek out , don’t turn the other cheek baby let your cheeks out!
    Let your freak out,

    Speak out, no! speak up
    to your body and give it praises,
    cuz even if you despise it, each day it still raises..

    you… out of your bed.

    So , get of your head if you can, because just like you, the rest of us are doing the best we can.

    But i get it, not feeling in love with yourself.

    Man I really use to be in incredible shape,
    Then I got injured and really struggled with my weight,
    I would starve my self and would hate what I ate ,
    I could feel judging eyes removing things from my plate.

    But now I’ve accepted that I no longer need to be that athlete, my varsity days are over, I’m not going to the track meet,

    I don’t need to complete great athletic feats anymore,
    just want to play with and pick up my son,

    I need to be thankful for what my body can do right now, rather than miss out on what it’s already done,

    Why are we so concerned with the way we look rather than the way we feel,
    we put our bodies through so much pain and never allow them to heal.

    Let me just shout out to all the mothers!
    Because you should love your body more than all the others,

    So what ? you may have stretch marks, those battle scars makes you look more womanly,
    you are everything that a man couldn’t be !

    For you did the most physically demanding thing there is and gave birth.
    A woman’s body is the most powerful thing on earth!

    Your body has gone through a lot it’s changed I understand, but please, don’t hate your body for what it can’t do, and love it for what it can.

    Rick Writes

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  • Maggie Faye shared a letter in the Group logo of Mental HealthMental Health group 4 months, 3 weeks ago

    I wanted to be Hozier

    I was in awe of the whimsies and romance.
    I yearned for my art to comfort and soothe;
    For my art to hold the listener’s hearthurt the way my hearthurt was held,
    For my art to share imagery with songs of love,
    To create beauty in death as he created it.

    I wanted to be Hozier, but I have to be Poe, first.

    I have to walk through my Inferno to reach such actualization.
    My shadow still screams. Still cries.
    Pieces of my younger self scattered in nine circles.

    I have to talk to her and make peace with her.
    I have to parent her.
    I have to hold her.
    I have to become one with her once more.

    I will blood, guts, and gore my way through,
    Just as the horrors led my way in.
    The girl that wants to scream will scream and
    Embrace the gross and the weird and the upset.

    I will not become my own betrayer, no. So,
    I am no longer my own betrayer, mine own Nth circle.
    Treachery at mine own hands, no more.

    Maggie Faye

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    • Maggie, This is really powerful. I love this part: I have to talk to her and make peace with her.
      I have to parent her.
      I have to hold her.
      I have to become one with her once more.

      Keep fighting for yourself and your happiness. Also, this piece was selected to be included in our newsletter today! Keep on the lookout for it! <3 Lauren

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