• Ideally Me

    For most of my life I have smothered myself beneath the ideals of others.
    These expectations pushed me into boxes where I did not fit, but I tried to contort and carve away at myself to appease the “rules.”
    I thought if I broke them, I would be broken. They were unyielding, so I yielded my will to their commands.

    And then one day I stretched out…read more

    Lauran Hirschi

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  • The Body that Holds Me

    Dear Body,

    I never know how to start letters.
    I’d ask how you’re doing, but I’m happy to say I think I’ve finally a pretty good grasp on finding the answer to that.
    For years I ignored your requests and even demands.
    Thought you were too much and needed to be less.
    Thought not eating would impress.
    Tried to squeeze you into boxes you weren’t…read more

    Lauran Hirschi

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    • Omg Lauran, This is incredible. Your last line is like a mic drop – just wow! You (and your body) have been through a lot together, but through it all, you have come to realize how strong you both are, and together you are unstoppable. You are beautiful but even more than that your power, attitude, and mindset make you UNSTOPPABLE. And any time…read more

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