• Ambitious younger self,

    Ambitious younger Morgan,

    I’m writing you this letter
    To warn you of the future
    In hopes that you do better

    At age fifteen you’ve put
    Your worth in all you do
    Obsessing over everything you could
    And would
    And should

    Now that you are older
    You’ve learned it isn’t true
    Some tension’s left your shoulders
    And you sometimes do
    What’s good for you

    You grew up like a boomerang
    Digressing in your stress
    And coming back to you again
    By doing less
    By saying yes
    To success
    By your own definition
    Letting go of ambition.

    Morgan W

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    • Hello Morgan.
      I am glad to see you are not stressing out so much anymore. Stay strong!


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    • Morgan, I used to joke all the time that ambition was a self-destructive character trait. Well, there can be some truth to that. I think it just needs to be managed. Work hard, but take one day at a time, and also just be OK with where you are in your life right now. Don’t obsess. Just enjoy the journey. You got this! Thank you for sharing, and…read more

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