• Imperfectly Perfect

    We chase the dream of a perfect day,
    But imperfections won’t go away.
    In this world of chaos, we stumble and sway,
    Yet beauty hides in the mess we create.

    Laughter echoes, but tears fall too,
    In every hello, there is a goodbye too.
    The sun shines bright, but my shadows loom,
    In every moment, a story’s hidden gloom.

    We quest for control, but life’s untamed,
    Unpredictable twists and turns we can’t reclaim.
    Yet in the midst of turmoil, we find our strength,
    A resilience that guides us through life’s length.

    So let’s embrace the journey, with all its flaws,
    And find the beauty in the imperfect laws.
    For life’s not about seeking perfection’s gleam,
    But dancing with the mess, and making it our theme.

    In the uncontrolled moments, we find our voice,
    A unique melody that echoes our own voice.
    The same melody that makes us make a choice.
    Let’s cherish the imperfections, the quirks and the flaws,
    For they shape our story, and make our life pause.

    Rebecca Engle

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  • Rebecca Engle shared a letter in the Group logo of ParentingParenting group 1 week, 3 days ago


    I am not a parent but I want to be one day today that ability to birth my own changed

    In the quiet of the night, within my soul
    I felt like a shattered bottle, burdened by misfortune
    now fragmented on the ground
    With dreams of motherhood pushed aside.

    Tumors, occupants of my body
    Whispering fear like a consuming fire.
    My body, a battleground, weary,
    Carrying the weight of lost dreams.

    No gentle movements within my womb to experience
    No little hands clasping mine to seal the bond.
    The path to motherhood, radiant and clear
    Now hidden from view.

    Amidst this brokenness a flicker of light shines through
    For not everything is lost despite appearances.
    Though my physical form is fractured my spirit endures,
    In the rubble resilience sustains.

    I am more than the sum of my pieces
    More than the emptiness in my heart.
    In shards of glass reflections of a beginning emerge
    Finding strength, in being reborn.

    For family transcends blood; it is forged through connection
    Love can be found in forms.
    Though the route may have altered the journey continues
    I will navigate through fields adorned with clover.

    So I’ll gather all my fragments, one, by one,
    Beneath the nurturing rays of the healing sun.
    Even though I may never possess everything on my own
    I’ll construct a life where love is eternally sown.

    Within each shattered piece there lies a captivating tale to share
    Of resilience, hope and how I stumbled into despair.
    Yet I emerged more with a courages flame
    Navigating lifes intricate labyrinth without any shame.

    I am not merely a discarded shattered bottle left aside
    Instead I’m a warrior with a stride.
    In this journey, through lifes trials and tribulations
    I find solace knowing that strength is born from foundations.

    Rebecca Engle

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  • Rebecca Engle shared a letter in the Group logo of Mental HealthMental Health group 3 weeks ago

    Do they color?

    In the realm of whispers, where simple truths twist and turn
    Resides the tale of crayons, damaged and yearned.
    “They still bring color ” they say, with a glance
    Those who have tried know its a flawed dance.

    For crayons though vibrant and bold
    Struggle, in hands that fail to hold.
    The canvas awaits, vast and forgiving
    Fragmented pieces make coloring less than living.

    Coloring, not painting; the distinction is clear
    One wields crayons while the other brushes near.
    Yet the challenge endures with these parts
    Smooth strokes of joy elude us like lost arts.

    Lines appear jagged and hesitant, on our quest
    With each tiny fragment causing hues to fade best.
    The persists “They still bring color indeed ”
    Oh how we long for crayons to succeed.

    For isn’t true bliss found in slow glides?
    In crayons that smoothly coincide?
    Yet from brokenness we learn resilience imbued
    Colors emerge despite abuse endured.Well you know when it comes to coloring with crayons it’s not as easy, as using the ones. It’s like a story of never giving up and facing our fears. Actually it could even be seen as a metaphor for more than just coloring.

    In both life and coloring those who are broken may still manage to leave their impactful marks.. Lets not pretend that it’s just as simple or fair for everyone. We all have our own challenges and obstacles to overcome, both in our lives and, in our endeavors.

    Rebecca Engle

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  • Love with pain

    Why should I love myself? Let’s dive in with fun,
    For I am unique, a rare edition, second to none.
    Graduated with honors, a brain quite something,
    But still manage to trip over my own two feet.

    From University halls to the classrooms I’ve led,
    I’ve learned quite a lot, not just what books have said.
    Special Ed to core subjects, I’ve taught with flair,
    Even when my lesson plans fly above me and my students through the air.

    In arguments, I’m a star, my emotions are tight,
    Yet, I can’t seem to win when my jeans feel too tight.
    Sensory panic the autistic embrace.
    My dedication’s fierce, in every task I immerse,
    But ask me to cook, and you might need a nurse.

    A mentor, a tutor, a friend indeed,
    With a heart so vast, I am a rare breed.
    I’ve campaigned, I’ve coordinated, even made the Dean’s list,
    And yet, finding my keys remains a mythical mist.

    I laugh at my errors and embrace each mistake,
    For each one’s a lesson, another step I must take.
    In life’s moving theatre, I play many roles,
    From educator to activist, I’ve scored a ton of goals.

    Why love myself? For every stumble and stride,
    For the courage to be me, without having to hide.
    For my passion, my laughter, the joy I bring,
    In this symphony of life, I’m truly the queen.

    So here’s to self-love, in all its glory,
    For I am the author of a powerful story.
    A tale of struggle, of growth, of fun,
    Yes, loving myself is job in itself
    As I am a pain in the ass to even myself.

    Rebecca Engle

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  • Rebecca Engle shared a letter in the Group logo of PoetryPoetry group 1 month, 3 weeks ago


    Shaking in my toes
    Here comes my biggest low.
    Every-time good hits
    Something comes to blow.
    Think of the positive, keep a smile on your face they say.
    I say I try to do it just that way.
    Yet my path diverges, my tune has its own sway,
    For at day’s end, my way may never echo your say.
    Life’s rhythm and rhyme, a dance of contrast’s blend,
    Highs and lows entwine, an unpredictable trend,
    Still, I strive to shine, resilience my silly friend,
    Embracing each design, my journey to transcend.

    Rebecca engle

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  • Disabled

    At 18 years old I was pushed down 150 stairs I lost part of my mobility from my waist down. Later I was chased out of a grocery story by the same guy due to my job.

    As the dawn of adulthood arrived lifes journey began,
    With dreams and aspirations the world embraced your plan.
    Fate took a turn delivering a blow
    Presenting challenges and a different path to follow.

    In the midst of bliss when skies were clear
    Your chosen path deviated,. You persevered without fear.
    With a spirit and heart that shines so bright
    You face obstacles that obstruct your sight.

    From, within newfound strength emerges to prevail
    A boundless courage and unwavering will to sail.
    Unrestricted by limits imposed by destinys hand
    You rise above undeterred and innately grand.

    Though there may be moments of weakness or doubt
    Your resilience tells a tale that transcends throughout.
    Every step you take becomes a triumph in its right
    A soaring spirit unconfined and unbound by plight.

    Adapting is your gift as you redefine what it means
    The essence of strength in all its scenes.
    Your story becomes a beacon for others to admire
    Inspiring hearts amidst trials that may transpire.

    For in your courage one can witness with clarity,
    A portrait of resilience to be seen in totality.
    A testament, to fortitudes resounding song,
    Staying strong when things have gone wrong.

    Rebecca engle

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  • I love this and I love hearing your story

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  • What’s the answer

    In the depths of secrecy a storm quietly gathers,
    Challenges, with ovaries a struggle
    Medications combat the cries of pain
    Doubts creep in as time seems to wane.

    The idea of having children feels distant
    Anxiety builds with doctors delays persistent.
    Once secure now ovaries face uncertaintys grasp
    Decisions loom heavily making thoughts clasped.

    There is no comfort in this fight
    Yet bravery grows stronger with each daily plight.
    Strength is discovered in enduring lifes strife
    Hope perseveres amidst the life.

    Though fears and doubts may linger on
    Resilience emerges through this challenging con.
    In battles both seen and unseen, by all eyes
    A spirit endures, unyielding and wise.

    Rebecca engle

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  • Head shoulders knees and toes

    In a world of toes and heels
    There resides a villain, fibrous and real.
    Plantar fibromatosis, a foe
    Transforms my feet into a peculiar grind.

    Nodules and bumps they sprout with delight,
    Turning shoes, into foes that plot through the night.
    Every step brings a wince and a frown,
    Oh why must these growths be so renowned?

    I tread with caution like a stroll
    Avoiding pressure to maintain some control.
    These fibrous companions have their say
    Playing tricks on my feet day, after day.

    I yearn for shoes that offer respite
    They taunt me creating an odd plight.
    “Give it your shot ” I say with a grin
    I’ll hobble forward making every step akin!

    So here’s to plantar fibromatosis my amusing companion,
    Transforming each stride into an union.
    I’ll Wiggle as I manage the scene
    With humor and laughter keeping it all serene!

    Becca Engle

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  • Rebecca Engle shared a letter in the Group logo of PoetryPoetry group 2 months, 1 week ago

    Finish line

    Over the course of three and a half years I’ve had quite a journey. Education and achievements have been, like a thrilling rodeo ride! Graduating at the 21 age made me feel like a little elf on a shelf but I soon realized that not everyone guiding me was genuinely supportive. They would offer advice like pulling rabbits out of hats. When it came to support it often seemed to disappear into thin air.

    As I prepare to showcase my skills I’ve developed my set of guidelines to overcome any obstacles that come my way. No hurdles resembling steeplechase races; from on I’ll gracefully dodge those negative voices with the stealth of a ninja!

    Life is like a comedy. Always remember your spark and value. Embrace growth in this journey. Set standards for yourself. Never settle for mediocrity because this adventure is your own personal sitcom, where you’re the exceptionally special geek!

    So here’s to all of us embarking on this escapade – writing our stories with wit and joy. Lets toast to resilience and fun, in our endeavors! Cheers to wholeheartedly pursuing our dreams!

    Rebecca Engle

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  • Rebecca Engle shared a letter in the Group logo of Mental HealthMental Health group 2 months, 1 week ago


    Within the corridors, where the echoes gradually fade
    There lies a hidden torment silently made.
    In the minds of those who strive and push
    Exist battles that few truly recognize.

    Amongst the books and academic commotion
    Deep shadows lurk, a hush, in motion.
    For college souls burdened and weary
    Depressions hold becomes a cloak to carry.

    Assignments pile up expectations soar
    Yet within storms rage and hearts deeply sigh.
    Smiles become faint behind veils they wear
    Concealing pain that’s far from being clear.

    Isolation hides within spaces grand
    Loneliness conceals itself with a friendly hand.
    Lost in the whirlwind of ceaseless days pace
    Depression whispers its message in ways.

    Craving solace amidst a crowds embrace
    Unheard cries and emotions shrouded with grace.
    Yearning for light to pierce through the gloom
    In this labyrinth searching for a room.

    Oh college hearts! Burdened and fragile you may be
    Your struggles remain unseen behind your veil so free.
    Know this; in darkness glimmers shall rise,
    Guiding you beyond murky skies disguise.

    Reach out! Let voices break through the nights hold tight
    And find strength and light together as one might.
    For, in shared burdens healing can be found profound
    And through empathys embrace hope can truly abound.

    Rebecca Engle

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  • Rebecca Engle responded to a letter 2 months, 1 week ago

    I absolutely love this. It’s the truth. There’s no solution just meds

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  • Rebecca Engle responded to a letter in topic Race and Diversity 2 months, 2 weeks ago

    I would agree with you!
    You know I wrote this off a true story. The words this person said were true. I had to take a whole class talking about this topic. The class was centered around race and how important noticing race was.
    I want to see my students cultures and their traditions personally.

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  • Color

    In the halls of the classroom a professor addressed the gathering
    “Color is the most important thing to see in your students.”
    Yet within my heart an opposing perspective unfurled,
    For I firmly believe in perceiving beyond whats seen.

    “Not race but merit ” I softly whispered in response
    As talents and dreams should soar limitlessly.
    Each student, a canvas painted with hues
    Their potential unrestricted by a lens.

    A palette of minds an untamed spectrum lies, before us,
    Where brilliance and creativity remain unnamed.
    Within each shade resides a captivating narrative
    Not confined to predetermined colors we are told to see.

    To judge based on race to measure through skin
    Dims the radiance that each individual possesses.
    A brushstroke of bias, a shade of ignorance cast upon us all
    Suppresses the essence of significance and beauty.

    Let us embrace the kaleidoscope of souls that surround us
    Where differences unite than divide.
    For, within the inclusive frame of our classrooms
    Genuine learning and personal growth carve their purpose.

    So let us not impose limitations or draw lines to define others
    Instead let understanding radiate brightly.In the hearts and minds of people diversity flourishes, like an unsung but harmonious song.

    Rebecca Engle

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    • I so love this piece, so love it. No one should ever be judge by their skin tone, something you had no control over. Not sure why everyone wasn’t born with the same skin tone, there had to be a reason, a reason we will never know, but I’m quite sure it wasn’t for us to hate each other for it. Me personally, I’m not sure if all was born with the…read more

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      • I would agree with you!
        You know I wrote this off a true story. The words this person said were true. I had to take a whole class talking about this topic. The class was centered around race and how important noticing race was.
        I want to see my students cultures and their traditions personally.

        Write me back 

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  • Rebecca Engle shared a letter in the Group logo of PoetryPoetry group 2 months, 2 weeks ago

    Autism speaks

    Autism Speaks, your claims have deeply affected us
    Your words strike at our hearts. Cause fuss.
    You depict an haunting picture
    Instilling dread, in families a situation we must not nurture.

    You boldly declare, “I am autism ” with no remorse
    Employing tactics without any discourse.
    But within these words we dissent and resist
    Your approach is something we cannot persist.

    Your assertion of power appears bleak and grim
    Yet our unity shines bright; our lights won’t dim.
    For we believe in love, compassion and grace
    In togetherness hope and a warm embrace.

    Your intention to disrupt and bring about destruction
    To steal dreams and strip away joys construction
    You underestimate the strength we possess
    As a community united we won’t regress.

    Families and nations join hands in solidarity,
    Across borders, connected by empathys clarity.
    We communicate not through fear or despair
    Through love, for those who need care.

    Your claim that we are weak is a misconception
    Our love holds a power that you can’t impede.
    Though our childrens voices may sometimes be still
    Their essence holds value; this truth we instill.Autism speaks, your attempt to instill fear
    To create division and shed tears
    But we stand united, with a plea;
    We fight for inclusion and equality.

    Your words of separation of pain
    We reject them for empathy is our domain.
    Inclusion and acceptance are our guiding call,
    Embracing diversity together we stand tall.

    So listen closely Autism speaks, clear, as day
    We’ll challenge your falsehoods and fears that sway.
    With love, resilience and unwavering might
    Together we’ll triumph in this fight.

    This was written to speak out against an autism speaks commercial

    Rebecca Engle

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  • Rebecca Engle shared a letter in the Group logo of Current EventsCurrent Events group 2 months, 2 weeks ago


    In the corridors of power there is a chorus of concern
    Resonating as economies crumble a nation, in a bind.
    Prices skyrocket, burdening every dinner plate
    Yet some remain loyal disregarding the reality.

    The fabric of the economy is. Torn
    Inflations rise births a storm.
    While familiar names and claims echo through votes
    The future hangs precariously on a thread.

    We bear the weight of our livelihoods
    With a future under scrutiny.
    Promises fade in the face of realities
    As citizens persist with wavering loyalty.

    Americas vibrant and bold canvas
    Now bears the scars of stories and policies.
    Some choose to keep eyes fixed
    Ignoring the unraveling truths before them.

    Amidst debates lies a land
    Struggling with uncertain destinies.
    Willful ignorance is a path to descend upon
    As the economy continues its battle, without resolution.

    The power lies within each ballot cast
    To shape our future and aim for heights.
    Oh, nation, awaken and heed the calls of caution
    For ruin affects us all.Do not let blind loyalty misguide us
    Instead lets open our eyes to an approach.
    Because in coming and being well informed
    We find hope, for repairing the challenges we face.

    Rebecca Engle

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  • Hide N Seek

    Within the depths of my souls chambers
    Resides a tale cloaked and concealed by mist.
    A story of shadows, of darkness
    Where whispers of despair seep.

    The past a tempestuous journey endured,
    Through valleys veiled in haze.
    Whispers of melancholy a melody,
    Played beneath the moons gaze.

    Why withhold this tale from those I cherish?
    The ache, the anguish heavy to bear.
    To shield them from burdens I chose to hide
    Preserving their hearts with love and care.

    For spoken words cannot be unheard
    Revealing pain and stirring wounds.
    To spare their hearts untouched by despair
    Silence became my tender safeguard.

    Not, out of shame or deceitful embrace
    As loves shield, protective grace.
    I treasure their laughter and unrestrained joy
    A sanctuary where suffering remains unnamed.

    So within the refuge of my hearts retreat
    Rests a truth, a story.
    Through loves rhythm and unspoken pact
    Their serenity is preserved entirely.So I conceal this chapter, this history,
    Deep within the chambers of my soul it silently endures.
    Because love, an treasured shade
    Warrants a canvas that’s untainted and sincere.

    Rebecca Engle

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  • Words

    In the midst of quietness, where words were scarce
    A voyage commenced, yet misunderstood, by the world.
    They dared to label you as a monkey
    But you against all odds reached a destiny.

    Initially non communicative, a bloomers beginning
    Deep inside resided an indomitable spirit.
    From whispers to soaring language
    You have written your tale with cherished victories.

    Amidst uncertainty and discouragement you paved your path
    In the face of their skepticism you discovered the strength to persist.
    Every word you embraced became a triumph, a tune
    Proving wrong those who doubted while showcasing your resilience.

    Your accomplishments stand as proof of your power
    Defying expectations and soaring to heights.
    From a canvas shaded with uncertainty you painted your perspective
    Crafting a masterpiece, from all that you have known.

    Oh future self adorned with success
    A living testament to resilience in the face of adversity.
    Remember the journey the struggles and battles fought fiercely
    For your story shines as a guiding light for others to follow.Look into the mirror. Witness the achievements you’ve accumulated
    A beautiful melody composed from a history of hardships.
    Because what they saw as a monkey was truly a lion, within you
    Fearlessly breaking through obstacles turning dreams into reality.

    Rebecca Engle

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  • GrAdUaTedISM

    On the day I graduated a lone star shone brightly
    With honors and triumph that seemed unlikely.
    In the face of discrimination I held my head high
    As I alone embraced this achievement with pride.

    While others graduated without any strife
    I battled biases throughout my life.
    My strength, hidden behind Autisms veil,
    A power, within that could never fail.

    Being the recipient of such a grade
    I earned this distinction despite the parade
    Of doubts and prejudices that tried to sway
    Yet undeterred I persevered every single day.

    Their paths were free, from disdain
    While I wrestled with enduring pain.
    Magna cum laude, a crown
    Worn amidst discriminations critique.

    This special day of mine shines bright and true
    Born from struggles they couldn’t. View.
    May it stand tall as a testament clear
    To resilience against odds.

    Rebecca Engle

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    Voting ends December 4, 2024 12:00am

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    • Sheesh Rebecca, you are a brilliant writer. This piece, like all your others, is amazing! Thank you for sharing. Congrats on graduating Magna Cum Laude. I am so proud just to know you. I feel lucky to have you as a part of our community. <3 Lauren

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  • Rebecca Engle shared a letter in the Group logo of Mental HealthMental Health group 2 months, 3 weeks ago


    Within the depths of this disguise
    I find solace away from my cries.
    This fabric cloak shields me from prying eyes
    Hiding scars I keep hidden from the skies.

    “Do you feel a chill?” they kindly inquire,
    Unaware of the burning soul within my fire.
    In this jacket I quietly confide,
    The secrets of battles where emotions collide.

    Beneath these layers lies a map of pain
    Each moment etched on skin that couldn’t be restrained.
    Hidden cuts and scars silently plead,
    Visible, to me marking my need.

    Each thread and stitch that holds it tight
    Creates a refuge where judgment takes flight.
    Shielding these scars with an embrace so strong
    Concealing the struggle in a space where it belongs.

    So when they ask, “Are you feeling cold my dear?”
    I offer them a smile despite my fear.
    This colossal jacket seems like attire
    But beneath its surface it veils my desires.

    Rebecca Engle

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