• Angel (second chance) to my rainbow 🌈 baby

    I pray God send you back to me
    I loved you before I knew you
    I still love you
    My boo boo
    I will always love you
    You would have been 7 years old
    Some friends tell me Happy mothers day
    I smile to cover up the pain that’s inside of me
    It’s hard for me to open up to explain to others what happened
    I wish I knew what you would have looked like
    Still wonder if you were going to be a baby boy “Legend”
    Or a “Diamond” princess
    I wish I knew your favorite toy
    Your favorite cartoon
    favorite food
    favorite fruit
    favorite veggie
    favorite ice cream
    favorite hobby
    favorite color
    favorite book
    I know uncle Jimmy would have been your favorite uncle
    Sherice & Klanice your favorite twin aunties
    All I wanted was the best for you
    Lead you in the right direction
    I wanted you to have a father
    That knew the definition of being a father
    And act on it
    I was so happy when I confirmed I was due 3/30/2017
    But I was scared too
    So I sat down and thought everything through
    I rather have a child by a real man with father experience
    Even with no father experience but is ready and willing to sacrifice
    And do everything he can to make sure his child is well taken care of
    And I was guaranteed to have a real man that had my back one hundred percent
    Then I would have never had any doubts
    I still look at my ultrasound picture
    My body freezes up looking at my seed I was carrying
    Small thing you
    Sometimes as I sit and write
    But yet my kid not hugging or kissing me
    Or saying, “mommy I love you”
    I feel so empty inside
    The sorrow is so heavy
    So deep
    I pray God
    Bring me back my princess or prince
    Healthy and all.

    My little angel 😇 💛

    Author Dainnese Jackson

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  • Author Dainnese Jackson responded to a letter in topic Poetry 3 weeks, 6 days ago

    Awww thank you. 😊 I want to inspire more people who’s been through this

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  • Author Dainnese Jackson shared a letter in the Group logo of PoetryPoetry group 1 month ago

    Touched without permission (violated)

    Based on a true story

    My sibling
    Her oldest child father always gave me the creeps since i was 9 years old
    I always felt awkward around this creep
    I was so happy when this creep got sentence threw years in prison
    I did not have to see his face for a while
    My sibling accused me of having a crush
    This situation is one of the reasons
    My sibling and I cannot ever be sisters

    1998 this creep ends up getting released from prison
    My parents gave him a roof over his head
    Which was the biggest mistake ever
    When my sibling eyes were not looking
    This creep bull dog evil eyes were watching me
    When my family members were not watching this creep would stimulate his own penis with his hand
    Yo cause himself to ejaculated
    And would have a seductive smile on his dirty ass face
    He would Peek at me through the bedroom closet door that was connected to the bathroom
    This creep would watch me undress
    Or when he heard the shower water turn off
    And I would step out of the shower
    His eyes were staring at me
    I felt so violated
    My freshman year in high school
    I still remember
    I was attending Crawford High
    Living on Streamview Street
    I was so afraid of going home after school
    Because both of parents were working at the same time
    My brother would be out running the streets with his friends
    My older sibling hateful sibling would be at work or attending college
    When I used to finally arrive home from school the sick creep would be laying on the dark gray living room carpet floor watching television
    I would just walk straight back to my bedroom that was in the hallway on the left side from my parents bedroom
    Close and lock myself inside
    Put my dark beige flower couch behind my door to feel safer
    And wait for family members to come home
    I would even wait for my jealous sibling to come home so she can keep an eye on her demon
    Flash back
    I still remember this awful night like it was yesterday
    I fell asleep on the same dark gray living room carpet floor
    My Jada Pickett Smith set it off Bob braids
    The touch of this creep filthy hands touching on my behind (butt)
    While I was asleep
    Froze me
    I was froze like frozen cold ice
    My eyes lit up
    But I still did not make a move or make a sound
    The whole time this creep touching me
    I played asleep
    I cried
    After he was done touching me
    I stayed laid flatly up on my stomach
    On the living room floor for about a minute or two
    Then finally I got up and went into my parents bedroom
    Like a rabbit
    I hopped into bed with my parents
    Crying in my mother’s arms
    I felt I lost my innocence
    The sick bitch violated my freshness by touching me
    But this whole situation got swept under the rug
    Some family members even thought I was lying
    But what will I get out of lying? Nothing
    Till this day I hate this child molester
    If I was told this sick ass creep got murdered
    I will not have any remorse.

    I want to send a message to young women that has been through the same situation do not be afraid to tell somebody, even the police. Get creeps like this off the street. If a family member choose not to believe you, do not give up talking to someone and remember you are not alone.

    Dainnese Jackson

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