• A Smile Again

    Senior year and you won’t pass
    Not college, but summer class

    Big brother grows up and then moves off
    Mom gets tired and starts to cough

    Just you and dad, but that’s okay
    Another morning, another day

    In college soon, for a phd
    Then the world to go and see

    The world is tough, as you will learn
    Dreams will fade and cease to burn

    You’ll marry next, kids on the way
    Bills pile up, hairs go gray

    Soon dad will go, then brother, too
    You won’t believe you’ve made it through

    It seems too much for you right now
    But here you are, some way some how

    Just hold on tight to friends and kin
    And you will start to smile again

    Your pain will turn to joy because
    You’ll learn to love from what you’ve lost

    Jason Sams

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  • Twenty-one


    Go to bed or stay up?
    Probably the latter.
    Vodka or Gin?
    It doesn’t matter.

    Tomorrow’s the test.
    But tonight is for laughter.
    You won’t get an A.
    That doesn’t matter.

    She’s cute. Will you marry?
    We’ll solve that after.
    One or two kids?
    It doesn’t matter.

    Where will you work?
    I’ll think of that later.
    What are your goals?
    I’ll know when it matters.

    See, I know that you care
    But please stop your chatter
    For its Friday night
    And that’s all that matters.

    Voting starts July 1, 2024 12:00am

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