• Use Somebody

    I could use somebody
    Not for a moment in time someone who’s all mine
    you know they’d have to be pretty divine
    a being in search of their highest self

    you know spiritually inclined not just running around here low level with a dirty mind

    But I need them truly concerned with elevating and transcending that little thing that you all consider time

    Your avatar t doesn’t matter I’m concerned about the here and the there after
    I called that our spiritual chapter

    So the question is can you hold my hand , when I’m not me….
    when I’m slaying my pain but still riddled with those things called grief and anxiety

    When those emotional pain hits my gut
    So bad bad they don’t wanna stay inside of me so I throw them up

    but all I need you to do is be there
    maybe hold my hair
    just exist with no twist of your arm no red flags and no

    just long loving arms
    Of spiritual devotion to the laws of the universe
    I manifested this with my 123 love potion

    Now guide this twin flame on it’s love ocean

    A goddess love requires devotion and that’s to the ancestors of love/light to honor them you should do it well and treat me right

    And if you do I’ll make sure I give you some like every other night

    because the reality is… I could use somebody
    somebody not to use me
    but just to be…with me

    And that’s on TruSpit

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  • The Next Season

    The Next Season (By Lisa Leslie)

    The flowers are
    waking up.
    Their petals bloom

    As the gloominess of late winter fades,
    a brighter landscape emerges.

    My heart is
    in several places, but
    hope rises,
    bringing a promise
    that it will piece itself
    back together
    in time.

    My heart is
    like the trees
    when they shed their leaves
    in preparation for a long winter.

    There’s no hiding
    the shape I’m in.
    But then,
    is the cause of my current state.

    To embrace and allow
    humility, and
    raw emotion
    to flow from me
    is the only way
    to begin
    and building
    stronger roots.

    When the cold air
    and the trees let their
    costumes fall,
    I will stand
    and live
    knowing I’ve taken the time to heal,
    to take on whatever the next season brings.

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  • Let it Go

    I am constantly learning from my past mistakes and I am grateful for this chapter of my life. I have realized the importance of letting go of my past and putting my trust in God. He is the only one who can guide me towards a brighter future. With each passing day, I am getting closer to Him and I am grateful for His presence in my life.

    Juliet A.

    Voting starts July 1, 2024 12:00am

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  • Fork In the Road

    FORK IN THE ROAD©️2014

    There in the midst of my journey, I see a two way street.
    There is the road less traveled that is speaking to me.
    It is filled with hardship, struggle, and pain.
    It echos softly what sounds like my name.
    It knows of my tears, lies, and complaints.
    It knows that I can make it, even when my mind says I can’t.
    It roots and cheers for me to give it a try.
    And not to be distracted by the wilderness, but look forward to the promise of the other side.

    The other path intervenes with its master plan.
    To convince me to walk down this more pleasing land.
    After all, everyone wants the easy way out.
    Who wants to get caught up in the confusion and doubt?
    The sky is blue and the birds are singing their high pitched song.
    With all that sunshine, how can it be wrong?
    As I stand there at the fork trying to decide,
    A voice speaks to me assuring and kind.

    Nothing worth fighting for came tied in a bow.
    I appreciate every lesson that gives me the opportunity to grow.
    Yes to the left, it’s full of illusions of gold and jewels.
    All that glitters isn’t gold, so do not be so easily fooled.
    The road less traveled has less steps to take, even though there are more hills to climb.
    Because when I take this path, I began traveling with the Ultimate Guide.
    He will move those mountains and twine when I show Him my seed of faith.
    And when I feel weak and broken, He’ll carry me most of the way.

    So I picked up my baggage and chose the trail of my destiny.
    The voice returned and commanded that I drop those burdens at His feet.
    There is only one requirement before we travel that I must meet.
    I cannot carry the loads of my past because He’s already forgotten and forgiven thee.
    Tears rolled down, as I noticed why I was so weary.
    All the loads of hurt and anger I carried, I could’ve been released.
    The reason that path had been less traveled was because not many realized that they held the Master’s key.
    The first step that truly mattered began when I forgave me.

    Chané’ Latrice Fleming

    Voting starts July 1, 2024 12:00am

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  • I'm Finding My Way

    In this chapter of my life
    I love that I am learning to dance in the rain
    In this chapter of my life
    I love that I am learning myself again
    In this chapter of my life
    I love that I’m realizing I’m still fiercely brave
    In this chapter of my life
    I love that each day reveals to me that I am truly, uniquely and wonderfully made
    In this chapter of my life
    I take each day as it comes
    In this chapter of my life
    The chest crushing stress, I’m learning not to succumb
    In this chapter of my life
    I love that I let myself cry
    In this chapter of my life
    I love that I spend less time wondering why
    In this chapter of my life
    I love how God is loving and keeping me
    In this chapter of my life
    I love that I am free
    Free to be me authentically
    Free to explore
    I’m free indeed
    In this chapter of my life
    I love discovering that I can and will win again
    In this chapter of my life
    I love re-realizing that each new beginning starts with a necessary end
    In this chapter of my life
    I love that I’m taking care of me
    In this chapter of my life
    I love the way I continue to conquer the inner-me
    In this chapter of life
    I love my mindset, daily habits, and surroundings
    In this chapter of my life
    I’m so glad that happiness has found me
    In this chapter of my life
    Hope and faith greets me with each new day
    In this new chapter of my life
    I love that I’m finding my way

    Dr. Cortnie S. Baity, LMFT

    Voting starts July 1, 2024 12:00am

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  • Painting Colorless Colors

    Through my lifelong observations of the human experience, encompassing its trials, setbacks, and triumphs, and drawing wisdom from some of the world’s greatest minds—from Cesar Chavez’s struggles on California farmlands to Nietzsche’s contemplations in the Swiss Alps on the concept of God, from Shakespeare’s portrayal of human frailty to the works of the poet Baidel exploring humility’s vast pastures, and contemplating Albert Camus’ existential reflections—I was inspired to write a poem.

    Painting Colorless Colors

    Poem: By Alexander Siddiqui

    At the outset, we stride into the boundless expanse of philosophical exploration,
    Where theories bloom like constellations in the night.

    Within the shadows of intellectual toil and the intricate weave of scholarly discourse,
    Empathy often remains a gem obscured, awaiting revelation,
    Veiled within the labyrinth of the mind’s sight.

    Yet amidst the cosmic ensemble of ideas,
    A guardian-like supernova emerges, casting its gleaming light,
    A beacon of truth in the enveloping darkness,
    A shimmering fabric of humanity woven with threads of enlightenment.

    It reminds us that genuine connection with others
    Resonates like harmonious notes,
    A delicate melody in the heart,
    A perfect symphony of souls in the divine orchestra of existence.

    Approach each encounter as a celestial journey,
    Navigating galaxies of cognition and perception,
    Where understanding serves as a guiding pulsar,
    Illuminating the path through the cadence of introspection,
    A heavenly compass pilgrimaging the astral seas.

    Conquer the hypotheses, elevate the strategies, and refine the techniques
    Yet as we sketch life’s grand canvas,
    Handle them with the grace of an artist’s brush,
    For in the delicate art of touching souls,
    We must paint with the palette of humility and kindness,
    Our hands guided by the constellations of empathy and compassion,
    Painting colorless colors of humanity.

    Alexander Siddiqui

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  • My Kind of Perfect

    You’re perfect, my kind of perfect
    Especially when we peck lips for a kiss
    Feeling the intimacy with your gentle touch
    It makes me feel so complete, whole, and alive
    Just as if nothing was wrong and all my worries disappeared
    You can hypnotize me with your gorgeous eyes
    Or with the words you speak from your mouth
    Either way, you make me forget of life’s hardships
    And create a bubble like it’s only you and me
    Within the current moment of Father Time
    You can be a cute geek without the perfect tone body
    Hate the way you laugh loud or have too much body hair
    Either way, I’ll still love you just the same
    Because the way you look, mmm, I can’t get enough
    You can charm me with a big, adorable smile on your face
    Become such a gentleman and a total romantic
    Or even say I look beautiful when I think I’m a mess
    Either way, I’ll fall for it everyday, every time, and anywhere
    Because your smile and personality is out of this world
    You can make mistakes and mess up like everyone else
    Or accidentally say the wrong thing to hurt some feelings
    Either way darling, no one is perfect on this earth
    But no matter what, somehow and someway
    You are my kind of perfect and always have been
    Since the very first day that we met and fell in love
    There’s so many ways to describe and say
    Of just how perfect you are in my hazel eyes
    I hope you can see it and believe it to be true
    Because there’s simply no one else that can replace you
    You are a one of a kind, my love, a one of a kind

    Alexcia Cegelski

    Voting starts July 1, 2024 12:00am

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  • blue sea salt

    Everything looks to me with importance
    the music did not make me want to dance
    the sun in the summer
    did not give me heat
    the flowers
    had no scent
    my journey
    had no beginning

    my eyes did not shine with happiness
    even though laughter is to be heard
    from angels playing ahead
    my heart cries golden tear drops
    I pray to god to find me love
    I found meaning to life
    the music brought memories
    the sun gave me light to my journey
    in which I must go in life
    the flowers refreshed my spirit
    laughter came from my mouth
    I pray
    I pray to god to find me love.

    Cynthia rose Rodriguez

    Voting starts July 1, 2024 12:00am

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  • Hummingbird Beauty

    People may see the contract
    But not the contractions of wearing my heart on my sleeve
    That now fits like a glove.
    I’m striving to heal generations through self-love.
    I’m choosing faith over fear and hope over hurt
    For my heart to swell with laughter, love, and joy.
    No longer afraid of the spaces, holes, and voids.

    My positive vibes increase the vibration of others around me,
    Beating to the sound of my own drum.
    Each new day I live is a new beginning I’m open to experiencing
    Turning my deepest secrets into my greatest superpowers,
    Empowers me to release what no longer serves me
    So I can serve myself flowers while I can still smell them.

    Before I die,
    I pray that my story will be someone else’s survival guide.
    A Hummingbird beauty.
    Someone’s call of duty to find love to heal again
    And a love letter to that person that’s been laying in bed
    And hasn’t seen beyond the four corners of their room in days
    I pray that they will finally experience what solace looks and feels like.
    I once heard that love is what healing sounds like.

    Stephanie Anyaoha, PMHNP (Steph Zion)

    Voting starts July 1, 2024 12:00am

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  • My Favorite Chapter Of Life

    The chapter of life that I love
    is living all the way then going above
    Life before death is the way to go
    Is there another way to do it, I don’t know
    I cannot explain why I love it so much
    But living happily is to die as such
    Happy or not, though, the life is good
    Almost anyone could have it, I know they could

    Voting starts July 1, 2024 12:00am

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  • The Youth

    In the bloom of youth, we tread a path unsure,
    Early twenties, where dreams and doubts endure.
    With passion ablaze and aspirations high,
    We chase dream that we hope take flight.

    Through freedom, we find our stride,
    Exploring the world, with nothing to hide.
    Yet shadows linger, whispers of the past,
    Reminders of moments too fleeting to last.

    In this chapter of life, a tale unfolds,
    Of lessons learned, and stories yet untold.
    We stumble, we rise, in this journey we roam,
    In our early twenties, we seek our home.

    So embrace the chaos, the laughter, and tears,
    For in this moment, we conquer our fears.
    In the canvas of youth, let our colors unfurl,
    In the canvas of youth, let’s paint our world.

    Ravien Burns

    Voting starts July 1, 2024 12:00am

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  • A Beacon of Light for Sexual Assault Survivors

    Have you ever felt trapped by a secret, burdened by its weight and wondering if sharing it could bring you relief or further pain? This is a silence many, unfortunately, know all too well.

    Today, I want to share with you the story of Lauren Brill, a woman whose journey from the depths of traumatic silence to the heights of empowerment and entrepreneurship is nothing less than inspirational.

    The Silence That Echoes
    In the aftermath of the night that would forever change Lauren’s story, she found herself in a place of silence—a silence shared by many who have experienced sexual assault. This silence is not just the absence of words but a stifling barrier to healing and understanding.

    For years, Lauren carried the heavy burden of her experience, shielded from the world, concerned about the impact its revelation would have on her loving parents.

    From Secret to Superpower
    Yet, in a pivotal moment of bravery, Lauren chose to share her story in an open letter to other sexual assault survivors. What happened next, Lauren could have never imagined.

    Her letter went viral! The professional athletes she had known as a sports reporter had her back. One person shared her letter, and that set off a chain reaction.

    And then something remarkable happened. Her secret, which once felt like a chain holding her back, finally shattered, setting her free! Lauren transformed her secret into her superpower!

    By breaking her silence, Lauren not only freed herself but also ignited a spark to challenge societal norms and advocate for others.

    With Transformation Comes Change
    As Lauren herself began to evolve, so did her outer world. What was, is no more. What once fit like a glove now feels too tight, too restrictive. Once a dream job in sports broadcasting no longer aligned with the woman she had become.

    Have you ever felt that a path you were on just didn’t fit who you were anymore? Did you stay on track, or did you make a change?

    Lauren made a monumental decision — to leave her once dream job and pursue a new dream.

    She founded ‘The Unsealed’, a platform that allows people to share their own stories of hurt and loss, wins and victories, challenges and opportunities. Ultimately, Lauren Brill chose authenticity over security.

    Building a Community of Courage & Trust
    ‘The Unsealed’ is more than a platform; it’s a community built on the power of vulnerability, trust, and courage. Here, individuals are encouraged to write open letters about their life experiences, each carrying a positive message of hope to the reader.

    This act of sharing is not just therapeutic—it’s transformative. It builds a bridge between isolation and community, fostering an environment where resilience flourishes through collective support.

    Your Role in This Story
    As you absorb the impact of Lauren’s story on your own life, consider how your own stories of silence could be unleashed to create a global movement. I encourage you to ask yourself those big questions…

    How could I use my own life-changing experiences to empower both myself and others? Whether it’s a conversation you need to have, a letter you need to write, or support you wish to offer, remember: your voice has power. Your story matters.

    Lauren’s transformation from a survivor of silence to a beacon of hope is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. It’s a reminder that even in our darkest moments, there is hope to be found. Just understand, sometimes, we must travel down the road a ways before we are able to truly understand how the events of yesterday have impacted our lives today.

    So, the final question to be asked… What silence will you break? What new path will you forge? Let’s take inspiration from Lauren and move towards a future where our voices are heard, our stories are shared, and our spirits are unbreakable!

    Don’t Miss Lauren’s Full Story… Able to be heard inside of Episode #282 of the podcast – Grit, Grace, & Inspiration.

    Remember, you are amazing, incredible, and simply perfect, just as you are! Never let anyone or anything make you believe any different. Let your truth be heard and your light shine!

    Kevin Lowe - Podcast Host & Purpose-Driven Coach Grit, Grace, & Inspiration

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  • Kintsugi: An Invitation

    My Dearest Frightened Inner Child and My Courageous Present Self,

    You are warmly invited to your much awaited, Refuge.
    For You have been Rescued.
    Welcome to Safety and Stability.
    Where You are Considered, befittingly.

    No! You are not an Outcast.
    Once You get past that, You will see –
    You are a wondrous Art of Kintsugi.
    Cracks here, Cracks there.
    Repair: A process – Handled with Care.

    Look out My Dear, as this will be Bittersweet.
    What an overwhelming feeling to feel – Oh So Complete!
    You are now in two places as One.
    Sunlight piercing through Dark clouds – Stay a little longer…
    A missed Childhood –
    I promise to make it Fun!
    Forever Evolving and Growing
    You’ll Always be My Number One!

    Together We Heal,

    Our Guardian Warrior

    Sumantha Halder-Karim

    Voting starts July 1, 2024 12:00am

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  • I'm Good.

    I see you looking-heading my way
    thinking about what it is you want to say.
    It’s so interesting to be in this place.
    Not wanting or needing attention,
    your approval,
    your love-
    unwilling to participate in the chase.
    I feel full, no need for a second helping…
    I’m good.
    No really, I’m good.

    Not your money, your resources, or your name—
    a woman of my means?
    Sir, in that arena,
    you and I are the same.
    It seems as though you came to offer me your cape,
    and it offends you to see that I’m not waiting for you
    to have my life take shape.

    The man who has me- loves without control,
    contributes to my thinking,
    my being, my purpose, my soul.
    He lets me in, knows when to let me guide,
    supports my ambition and desires;
    taking any losses in stride.
    He’s my person because he tends to my heart,
    there are no conditions or ego- yeah, THAT part.
    How he leads allows me to maintain feminine energy-
    together we pursue joy,
    since happy is my responsibility.
    To put it plainly:
    I choose to love him, and he chooses to love me.
    So, I’m good.

    Madison King

    Voting starts July 1, 2024 12:00am

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  • Unafraid

    I stare at a blank doc
    The line blinks at me, teasing me
    Taunting me
    Daring me
    Daunting me

    A heavy sigh escapes me
    And warm arms wrap to embrace me

    I’ll write something amazing, he tells me
    And i find it in my heart to believe
    Not in myself, not yet,
    But in the version of me he sees

    My brow furrows
    And i begin to type
    As he smiles into my shoulder,
    Fighting not to say he was right

    I close the laptop
    Set it off of the bed
    And rest comfortably, listening
    To the heartbeat in his chest

    For this is where i am most content

    But content does not begin to cover
    The comfort and safety
    Being under these covers

    Content does not quite express
    How unafraid i am
    Here, on his chest

    I stare at a blank doc
    A prompt heavy on my mind
    And all i can think of
    Is his eyes

    Victoria Suarez

    Voting starts July 1, 2024 12:00am

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  • Coping with bipolar.

    A letter to myself
    Grabbing an old book off the shelf.
    Starting a new chapter
    To help me see.
    What I’ve been through
    Yes Indeed!
    Showing the wounds
    Of my inner child
    Adding a new chapter to help me smile.
    Showing my affliction
    Of bipolar disease
    After twenty years of hurting
    I’m being set free.
    In the hospital in and out
    Finding the answers
    Of what it’s all about.
    Looking for answers
    Through food and ice cream
    Coping with bipolar
    And what it means.
    Taking medication to help me grow
    Saying, “Why me” I did not know.
    Finding answers to my depression
    Was my victory.
    Extending my life and
    Escaping the mind
    Finding hope and answers to a certain degree.
    This was a sign.
    That I can be “normal”
    In this world, I CAN SHINE!
    In my mind there is a tunnel
    A mother of two
    Seeing the light at each end
    They have grown so much
    I give them what I can
    Of a mother’s touch.
    Escaping my mind
    And never married
    This was another load I always carried.
    Living this chapter of love and happiness
    Living this chapter of not being depressed.
    Wanting to help others as an employee
    As a companion for those in need.
    Highs and lows
    Of mental stability
    Finding love is the key.
    I’m beating bipolar again and again
    From doctors and lawyers
    Finding the right medicine.
    I escape the highs and lows
    And depending on others
    Like mountains and valleys
    Wanting to do better as a devoted mother.
    Yes, defeating bipolar
    I do not cry.
    Defeating bipolar
    Is what I say inside
    To myself I will not lie.
    This is a new chapter just for me
    Doing much better
    In time I shall see.

    Sonya Eldridge

    Voting starts July 1, 2024 12:00am

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  • The Fire Within

    Oh what a time,
    a time of curiosity
    letting your hair fall differently each day
    passionate words drifting from your soul
    Into this world of constant stimulation
    Hoping that you will bring a light to the minds of those who live in the dark

    You are shining so brightly
    Being yourself looks really good on you
    You are growing and evolving
    Becoming a woman of the divine
    Allowing the simple pleasures of life
    to bring light and joy to your heart inside

    I love the way you laugh,
    And share your love with others
    You are truly so caring
    You are learning to love
    Letting your heart fill with joy
    as well as the tears and the sadness
    and the pain of all the years before

    My love you are so strong
    you forever stand tall
    As you know you are made
    To bring so much more

    To the people around
    Who wondrously wander
    Hoping something will catch their eye
    You are here to remind them
    That their fire lies inside

    Oh my love, my admiration for you runs high
    A pure soul that never seems to dry
    Keep shining your light
    And just know
    that your fire lies inside

    Maggie Jane

    Voting starts July 1, 2024 12:00am

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  • She is Me

    This is the chapter where she sheds the guilt and shame.
    Giving unconditional love to the dark, wounded parts, as that is what they craved all along.
    Releasing any feelings of unworthiness or self-loathing that reside in the shadows,
    Removing what was never hers to hold, and making room for the blessings that await.

    This is the chapter where she loves herself deeply and unapologetically.
    Embracing the flaws and recognizing the true beauty of the human body.
    Sitting in the imperfections and releasing all negative thoughts and beliefs,
    Refreshing her view of the miracle she is- a living vessel of life and love.

    This is the chapter where she steps into her power.
    Letting go of the perfectionism and fawning tendencies that once kept her imprisoned.
    Instead, she steps into authenticity and embraces every inch of her mind,
    Allowing herself to lean into the childlike joy that arises when she sees signs from her angels.

    This is her chapter.
    She writes the story and creates the reality she desires.
    She prioritizes joy and rest, as she knows she is deserving of happiness.
    She counts her blessings, soaks in the love around her, and expels light wherever she goes.


    Voting starts July 1, 2024 12:00am

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  • April Resolutions

    I feel like that child again, I’ve been living aimlessly just waiting for that smile again,

    Tell me you’ll come down again, I told myself it’s easy, but the mirror caught my frown again,

    Struggling to keep my head on anything but down again,

    New Year’s comes around and you say I won’t play around again, but I’ve played around again,

    Lately I’ve been drowning in, screams without the sound of it,

    Maybe I’m okay, but maybe I’m going to need some counseling,

    I put all my hours in, I took all my showers and I wind up getting showered in,

    Trust me, I am powerless, I put all my might in to this world and it devoured it,

    But April has given me life, once a large frown into a beautiful smile,

    Without your struggles you would sit back, and who’s to provide?

    Usually I cry poetry, until the music subsides, hungry on my couch waiting for my order to arrive,

    Although it’s hard, it’s really good to be alive,

    I love to be above, but I’d love to be beside, my partner in crime,

    My partner is I, to the one that I speak of, it’s going to be fine,

    I’m the diamond in the rough before the shine, light hasn’t reached me yet, it’s just a matter of time.

    Abdul-A'laa Tobias

    Voting starts July 1, 2024 12:00am

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  • Now vs. Then

    Look at you go, man. You know, it wasn’t all that long ago that the only thing you could thin about was drugs and how miserable life was. You blamed everything on others, and couldn’t figure out why nothing ever seemed to go your way. Then, when things wouldn’t go your way, or you faced an instance of adversity, or even just a new experience, you would hide from it, and seek temporary pleasure.

    On a much brighter note, throughout all of this, you kept the best attitude you could, and still made it a point to do your best to be a giver to those around you. Hey, we live and we learn.

    I’m not writing this to you to beat you down or shame you (you used to do that to the extent of causing yourself to completely shutdown), in fact, it’s quite the opposite. I want to write to you about what I’m loving about this current chapter of my life.

    Every now and again, you get a little overwhelmed, and that’s okay. You get overwhelmed with the seemingly daunting tasks you’re taking on while telling nobody. You’re courageously advancing yourself toward crushing all these new experiences as they come. You’ve been doing this for quite some time now, helping you incrementally build your self confidence. I’m here to tell you that you may feel overwhelmed because you have everything you’ve ever wanted and you’re just unsure as to handle it. Nonetheless, you’re handling it.

    You’ve built yourself to the point you’re miles above where you first started this journey. I say this with humility and seriousness all at once: I’m beyond proud of you.

    You’ve met and partnered with a young lady who believes in you (maybe even more than you believe in yourself, which is quite a bit) and pushes you to succeed. She enjoys the small things you do. She enjoys the way you make her laugh. She admires you for the things you’ve been through and came out on top. Best of all, you enjoy these very same things, as she does them for you also.

    You are way less sad than you have been in a long, long time. You’re able to just be yourself, more so than ever, and she loves this about you. It’s also good for you. She actually cares to understand all the ideas you run by her. She doesn’t mind the noise you make when you fill the air with your words. She doesn’t even mind it when you practice your guitar or drums. You gotta admit, that’s pretty cool.

    Anyway, I can’t discuss in full detail all the great things you’re doing and continue to accomplish. You’re happier in this chapter because you’ve finally made it a point to push yourself and those around you to do great things, and it feels RIGHT. You love yourself again, and you’ve realized that even though you may be alone, you’re not ALONE.

    I hope as the chapters continue for you, you’ll find your way closer and closer to where you’re headed. Keep moving with love. It looks good on you.

    Jonathan Odle

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