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The Rules


The Unsealed wants you to write a letter (or poem) to your ideal self. What do you look like when you are living your best life? Tell your ideal self how you are working toward that version of you and why the idea of that version of you makes you happy.

First Place – selected by The Unsealed – $300

Bonus Prize – Selected by Votes – $50

Member votes count 5x. Non-Member Votes Count 1x


You must be over 18 and a member of The Unsealed Community. You can sign up for The Unsealed Here

*no relatives or employees on The Unsealed are permitted to enter


All Entries must be in by midnight on November 1st, 2023 Eastern Time

Those moving on to the next round will be announced on January 3rd

Voting will go from January 3rd to February 5th (11:59 PM Eastern Time).

Our Winners will be announced  on February 6th, 2024

Please send any questions to Contests@theunsealed.com

Letter Requirements

  • Entries must be in English
  • Letter must be a true story about your life
  • The letter can’t mention anyone’s name except yourself (For example, you can call someone a friend, a neighbor, a teammate, or a family member but you can’t call them by their name, John Smith)
  • The letter must be original writing by the person submitting the letter (NO AI, we do check)
  • The letter must not have been published anywhere else
  • The letter can’t be defamatory toward another person
  • The letter must be less than 1500 words
  • Only one entry per person
  • Include a headline for your letter and a photo that goes with your story


You will own the rights to your entry but by entering the contest you will give us permission/a limited license to publish the letter and any pictures you provide on The Unsealed. You will also allow us to promote your entry on social media using your letter and the provided picture.

What the letters will be judged on

  • Organization that is logical and effective, is the letter easy to read and understand?
  • Creativity/originality, is there anything that makes this letter unique?
  • Message/insight – does the letter offer a thoughtful message?
  • Impact/Inspirational – is the story powerful and inspirational?
  • Accurately addresses the topic
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