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    In the halls of the classroom a professor addressed the gathering
    “Color is the most important thing to see in your students.”
    Yet within my heart an opposing perspective unfurled,
    For I firmly believe in perceiving beyond whats seen.

    “Not race but merit ” I softly whispered in response
    As talents and dreams should soar limitlessly.
    Each student, a canvas painted with hues
    Their potential unrestricted by a lens.

    A palette of minds an untamed spectrum lies, before us,
    Where brilliance and creativity remain unnamed.
    Within each shade resides a captivating narrative
    Not confined to predetermined colors we are told to see.

    To judge based on race to measure through skin
    Dims the radiance that each individual possesses.
    A brushstroke of bias, a shade of ignorance cast upon us all
    Suppresses the essence of significance and beauty.

    Let us embrace the kaleidoscope of souls that surround us
    Where differences unite than divide.
    For, within the inclusive frame of our classrooms
    Genuine learning and personal growth carve their purpose.

    So let us not impose limitations or draw lines to define others
    Instead let understanding radiate brightly.In the hearts and minds of people diversity flourishes, like an unsung but harmonious song.

    Rebecca Engle

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    • I so love this piece, so love it. No one should ever be judge by their skin tone, something you had no control over. Not sure why everyone wasn’t born with the same skin tone, there had to be a reason, a reason we will never know, but I’m quite sure it wasn’t for us to hate each other for it. Me personally, I’m not sure if all was born with the same skin tone would have made a difference. Most will find other reasons to hate. Flowers, trees, animals, as well as colors are in many different shapes, sizes and colors, and I’m sure there’s not much hate within any of these many different beautiful things, just with each other. With all that we have to deal and live with, hate should be the last, or not at all. When you hate a person due to their skin color or for any other no good reason, one day you will truly have to deal with that. Whether it’s on this earth, or beyond, but you will deal. There’s no escaping.

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      • I would agree with you!
        You know I wrote this off a true story. The words this person said were true. I had to take a whole class talking about this topic. The class was centered around race and how important noticing race was.
        I want to see my students cultures and their traditions personally.

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