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    Trust God's Timing

    In life where moments intertwine
    There’s a thread called trust
    In God’s timing divine
    For in his design, he holds a plan
    With his loving hands, he unfolds the perfect moment

    When doubts drives your heart, patience wanes
    But remember that he hears your prayers and that they are not in vain
    With days uncertain, paths remain unclear
    When there’s faith, surrender all your fears

    For what may seem a delay is a chance to grow, embrace each lesson received so God nurtures your soul
    Like seeds down in darkness, hidden beneath the ground
    Through each season of waiting, trust his provision

    As winter cast your heart with ice
    The warmth and shift of spring delivers a promise
    HIS promise that endures forever
    Knowing your summer shines bright with all that you’ve asked for
    Falling into fall where as the leaves change colors so does your life

    Trust God’s Timing
    Embrace the waiting like the seasons
    As his guiding light orchestrates the show
    Like a symphony

    Ravien Burns

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    • of beauty and grace
      Each note carefully composed, every instrument in its place
      The highs and lows, the crescendos and decrescendos
      In God’s perfect timing, the melody unfolds
      When impatience tugs at your soul’s core
      Remember that God’s timing is always more
      Than what our limited minds can comprehend
      He weaves together every beginning and end
      Just as autumn leaves fall and blanket the ground
      Let go of control, surrender to the sound
      Of God’s gentle whispers, guiding your way
      Trust in His timing, let Him lead and sway

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