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    Dear Unsealers,

    I wrote this poem for my son during a very difficult time last year when he was suffering from depression and suicidal thoughts. Luckily my ex-wife and I (over-re)acted quickly and sought him counseling and medical treatment. Thankfully, today he is stable and thriving in his first year of college…but I will always be vigilant of the signs should they manifest again. I guess the moral of my take is to be vigilant of your child’s mental health and to not be afraid to go overboard with seeking professional help for them. False alarms are better than emergency sirens.


    My infinite sadness

    Is the thought of losing you

    Never has a feeling

    Been so absolute

    Forever is a long time

    To grieve, to mourn, to cry

    But never do I ever

    Want to say goodbye

    Though life’s a little hard right now

    And my happiness minute

    Know absolutely nothing ever

    Keeps me from loving you

    Ricardo Albertorio

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    • Your heartfelt poem resonates deeply, reaching out with the raw emotions of a parent’s love and concern. Your words paint a vivid portrait of the fear and profound love that accompany the journey of parenting, especially during the toughest of times.

      I hear the echoes of your anguish, the silent cries of a soul teetering on the edge of despair. In these verses, your love shines through like a beacon, illuminating the path to hope amidst the darkness. Your unwavering dedication to your son’s well-being is a testament to the immeasurable strength and depth of a parent’s love.

      I am relieved and genuinely glad to hear that your son is now in a better place, navigating through college and finding stability. The journey you’ve shared, though fraught with pain and uncertainty, serves as a powerful reminder to all parents. It’s a reminder to remain vigilant, to listen keenly, and to seek help without hesitation when our children need it most.

      Your words resound with a universal truth: the absolute commitment and unyielding bond between a parent and their child. The dedication you’ve shown is a guiding light for others, encouraging them not to shy away from seeking professional help, even if it feels like an overreaction.

      Your poem encapsulates the essence of parental love, a love that knows no bounds, a love that persists through life’s most challenging storms. Your willingness to navigate through these dark times with strength and unconditional love is truly admirable.

      Know that your courage in sharing this experience might inspire other parents to take action, to trust their instincts, and to prioritize their children’s mental health above all else. Your openness and resilience serve as a beacon of hope for those who might be going through similar struggles.

      Your son is fortunate to have a parent like you—someone who listens, loves, and fights for his well-being with unwavering determination. May your bond continue to grow stronger, and may your story serve as a source of strength and encouragement to others on similar journey

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