chloewritespoetry77's Letters



It is strange to think
that I will never again
smoke a cigarette
for as long as you
and I live

Does the universe
Or do we just
push it to its

Already I feel
so unworthy of you
You are an angel
but I am no god

Maybe I will be better-
benevolent and unenvious
I would be anything
for you

It’s strange to think
that I c…read more


“wide open”

Eat your shame
It doesn’t go away
like you’re overweight
You need more meat
on your body to hate

She promised to suck him off
in the parking lot
for her drink of choice
She was far too young
for either one
but had nothing left to lose

Swallow your pride
It doesn’t go down easy
Don’t let him see you
cringe in disgust
You need mo…read more


Trial & Error

****trigger warning: explicit mention of sexual violence****

In response to events surrounding a recent high profile trial.

You give your seal of approval
He’s such a good guy
He was a good friend to me

You bring up the wife and child
He keeps them safe
from all the dangerous men

You’re the face of a cause
but you mustn’t believe it at…read more


Excerpt from “Letters”

You say, “I’ll see you in an hour”
Oh, so soon I fall devoured?
All is fair,
and I knew,
love had lost its power

“Oh, promise me you will never tell another”
“I promise this will never happen again”
“Now take me like your scarlet letter
and keep me at the seam of your hem”

It was your bones
against mine
not skin to skin
It was your bones
agains…read more


a dream about a hospital

~getting help is traumatic~

Wake up in an unfamiliar cold bed
Warm blanket, back exposed
Not sure how you got there-
but you did it to yourself

Fighting tubes- back to sleep
You only wanted to apologize
They will never understand
And again- you never want to wake up

Rushed back into full consciousness
No compress for your bruised arms
Honesty…read more



~Learning how to find safety & healing in sensuality after trauma; building positive associations and being myself for the first time~

I know you’ve just gone
but I miss you already
Oh, why not just stay
until I’m all done?

Not meant to be a lover,
but call me your concubine
to meet your needs
as well as mine

Oh, come into me
in the flesh, in…read more


little light

When, oh when
did I stop smelling your head?
3 months in
and my life is already flashing
in your eyes
Oh, my little kin-
it will never be the same
as it is right now,
as it is right now

Why ask why
when I know you are the answer?
You give me reason,
so much joy
and light
Oh, sweet child-
you move me with every smile,
with every smile

Your…read more