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    To my family, this is why I love the holiday season

    To My Family,

    When I was a child, kids in school tried to make me feel Christmas envy. We didn’t celebrate Christmas because we are Jewish. But I never felt like I missed out on anything. We got plenty of presents on Hannukah. Also, the holiday season usually meant a fun vacation: Skiing in Vermont, the beach in Aruba, a cruise around the Caribbean, or parties in Miami. Despite not celebrating Christmas, Christmas week was usually one of the most fun weeks of the entire year.

    This year, Mom and Dad, you will be with me in Florida, and my brother will be in New York with his wife. We will have Chinese food on Christmas Day and start our shopping adventures on December 26th. That’s when the really good sales kick in. We will eat too much, and I will complain that I cannot get nearly enough work done. We will send many pictures in our group chat of the items we got exceptional deals on and of our little adventures.

    Our holiday season may not have a Christmas tree, reindeer, or stocking stuffer, but like many people, the end of the year is a time for food, family, and fun. And that’s no different for us. Mom, Dad and the rest of our crazy family, I have always loved the holiday season, and that’s because of how much I love all of you.

    Cheers to another year of many moments of love, laughter, and a little bickering.

    With love,


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    • Dear Lauren,
      My memories of our Christmas vacations warm my heart. This time of year is so special because it gives families a chance to connect and spend time together having fun. I look forward to this year’s vacation. Nothing is more important and special then spending time with family. Hopefully next year we can add more of our loving family to our days together. This is my Hanukkah wish.


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    • My, My, I know too well how you feel and I’m sorry for you. I was raised in a large family, where we got together every single holiday at our mom’s house. People who lived alone on my mom’s street, thought she was so lucky to have many friends but none of her visitors were friends of hers, they were her own children with their children and it carried on for many years, until it happened. For years our mom and father divorced, and we hung out more with our mom and a lot of the time, our father would come over to visit along with us. We first lost our father in 2005, but we kept up the visits at our mom’s house until she became ill with Alzheimer’s and she could no longer cook for us. That’s when some of the family didn’t come around too often and that’s when the siblings began to separate from each other and only a few would come around. We finally lost our mom in 2016, and to this day, I haven’t even seen some of my family members. You would think we would keep tradition alive for our parents, but it didn’t happen and it’s totally sad. It’s like since the parents are gone, we no longer have to see each other or hang together any longer. So I definitely know how you feel about the fun get togethers, they were the best of times.

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