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    My big brother believes in me

    To my Big Brother @andbrill,

    The other day I was updating you The Unsealed and you said to me, “You know it’s really hard to even get to this point. Almost impossible.”

    You are very practical person. You’re logical and reasonable – not the type of person to chase dreams that are completely unrealistic or super farfetched. With that said, YOU were the one encouraged me to start The Unsealed. In fact, I think you might even been the one to plant the initial idea in my head.

    So , the other day when you told me that it was so unlikely to even get this far (which isn’t that far we still have long ways to go), my first thought was “Why in the world would you tell me to do this then?” And I asked you that very question.

    Your response was, “Because I thought you could do it. ”

    I almost cried when you said that. Knowing how you think, I knew you when you said that you really looked at what I have done and who I am and you calculated in your head that I had what it takes to do this.

    Knowing you believe gives me so much confidence in myself and I am forever grateful. I love you.

    Anyone else have a sibling who pushes and encourages them in life?


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