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    In their arms, and mine.

    In the warm embrace of my mother and hers before her…
    I am swaddled in a sense of tranquility as I reflect on the embrace of my mother; the ancestors who nurtured me in the womb and guided me into this world. Their trust in my potential; the gift of life fills me with gratitude.

    The sweet embrace of my children…
    my little loves, they bring me profound peace. When I hold them close, one nestled under each arm, their tiny arms encircling my waist, the world seems to stand still. In those moments, the love that we share becomes the focal point of my existence, offering me comfort and peace.

    In his sweet embrace…
    Finding solace in the warm, loving embrace of my partner, I can be my true self. Curled up in his arms, my face pressed against his chest, I find a sense of peace that takes me elsewhere. Amidst the chaos of negative voices in my mind, he remains a calm and steady presence, offering unwavering support and love. His confidence in my strength and the reminder of how far I have come bring me a deep sense of peace and comfort.

    I find peace… here, within me.
    Becoming at peace within myself is a journey I am beginning to embrace. As I wrap my arms around my shoulders and lean into my embrace, I take a moment to release the burdens of guilt, shame, and resentment that have held me back. Though I acknowledge that I am still a work in progress, I celebrate the strides I have made. While I may be petite in stature, I have grown in resilience and strength. With a gentle squeeze, I offer myself a gesture of self-compassion and allow a smile to grace my lips. I will continue to commit to nurturing myself, always exploring new paths for personal growth, knowing that I am worthy of my care and attention.

    “I love you, I tell all of my past selves”

    As I continue on this journey, I see myself becoming a source of peace and comfort for my children, a mother they can turn to, in times of need and find solace with, just as I have found within myself.


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