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    My New Love

    To My Dear Little One,
    I have waited for you for a long time. I pictured myself holding your little body and playing with you. I do so love my family and the thought of expanding my loving unit thrilled me to no end. After all I have 2 beautiful children that have always filled my life with so much joy. Adding a new person would only expand my world with new purpose and happiness.
    Then it finally happened. The day I was waiting for with baited breath. You finally arrived. That very first time I held you was so sweet. My heart soared. You were so perfect. Now you are getting bigger and every day your smile brightens my day. I love our face-time meetings. I am excited to see the changes that happen every day as you get bigger and bigger. You are an amazing baby.
    My love for you has added a new dimension to my every day life. You give me a moment of respite in my busy and sometimes stressful day. You are also so much fun to talk to in our baby talk love language. In addition, every day I try to think of a brand new love song to sing to my dear baby boy. My voice is terrible but you don’t seem to mind.
    Thank you dear sweet little love for bringing so much sunshine into my life. To you my dear baby boy, as my sweet grandma Lottie would say to me in Yiddish ” Gut Guzunt” and much “Simchas” in your life.
    Your Grandma,

    Shelley Brill

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    • Awwwww, this is too sweet and I love it. Reading your story reminds me of my first grandchild (Mattie). I even wrote a poem of her coming into my life called “I loved Youi from the Moment I saw You” and it went from there. She’s now 14yrs of age, but when she was smaller, we were together so much, she once mistaken me for her mother. My daughter is a great mother to her, but I kept her a lot, so we drew very close to each other and I feel like she changed my life for the better. I had gone through my first cancer around her birth, and I felt I survived it just for her. I feel as if she saved my life. So I know exactly how you feel about your little one.

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