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    You Raise Me Up

    Dear Kris,
    I first heard about your story on CNN. It was a most touching story about your serious illness and your love of travel with your family. My daughter, Lauren was lucky enough to be able to reach you. She wanted to interview you for The Unsealed. You were so gracious with your time. I read your words that you expressed to Lauren. I was amazed by your love for your beautiful wife and sweet son and your resiliency.
    When you came on Lauren’s weekly zoom meeting I was so moved by your story. You talked about your serious illness, the chemotherapy treatments you had to endure but also about the love you have felt from your family during your journey. Thru your challenging treatments you were able to bring joy into your life by taking wonderful vacations with your family. You would not let your diagnosis stop you from enjoying life. You were able to tell us about your trips with a smile on your face. Your bravery and strength touched my heart.
    Kris, your strength gives me the motivation to stay positive in the light of my own personal challenges. I wish you lots and lots of pain free quality time with your family. May you always travel the world spreading sunshine to all you encounter. As for me, I hope to continue to bask in the light of your positivity for many years to come. Thank you for being the amazing person you are and sharing your uplifting, beaming heart.


    Shelley Brill

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    • This is beautiful, and this is something I’ve stated over and over in my personal story, as well as just passing the message to others. I’m a two-time cancer survivor and anyone who has gone through such an ordeal knows how hard it is to deal with. The most hardest thing ever, but even with that, I feel that you should enjoy your life even more than. As much as you can or ever had. Don’t allow it to stop you from such. During both of my cancer diagnosed, I never allowed it to stop me from doing anything. People thought that I was in denial. Some didn’t think I was truly going through cancer. What made me continue to stay busy, laughed a lot and enjoy myself was my grandkids, I have two of them, and both was born during the time I was going through both cancer and that gave me more to live for, and I did.

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