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    We love our dogs

    Dear Mia and Cayley,
    We brought you both into our lives for the same reason. We love adorable little puppies. You are both very small dogs so you very huggable. Dog daddy and I needed a little bundle of joy to shower love on and you both fulfilled that need. Mia you came first 17 years ago. As I write this letter you are laying beside me. Thats comforting. Cayley, we brought you into our home 12 years ago. Right now you are with your Dad,Alan. You both bring us so much joy.
    My dear little baby dogs you are always with Daddy and I whenever we are home. Its the 4 of us in bed at night cuddling you both, making us humans feel safe and secure.
    Our 2 little dogs have brought so much joy into our lives. You both calm us down when we feel anxious and cheer us up when we are sad. You make us laugh when you do the adorable things you do. You are our best medicine for a good life. Mia and Cayley I cant Imagine life without you.

    Mommy and Daddy ❤️

    Shelley and Alan

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    • Awwwwww, so sweet and I know some of how you feel. I love dogs so much, even after being bitten by one years ago, I still love them. I don’t own one right now, but that’s OK, I still have access to one, my grandkids dog, they call him Winter, because he loves when it’s cold out, love to lie in front of a fan or on a cold floor. He’s part of a Serbian Husky. I love all the fun I have with him when I visit. He even knows when my car pulls up and meets me at the front door, ready to run around the house with me running after him; which is now getting harder, because I’m getting older. He never want to stop running, but I have to. I love him so much. I eve bring treats when I come to visit and he looks for them. I’m so glad you have your babies with you for comfort and true love.

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