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    We All Need a Cheerleader

    Dear Lauren,
    Ever since you were a small child you were always extremely chatty. I was lucky to be the recipient of your words of wisdom. When you were a teenager I was working in New York City working with some really amazing physicians. I was intimidated by these colleagues that I actually had to teach. I had to give them very detailed information about very strong drugs that were actually controlled substances. I was challenged and questioned a lot by these doctors. I came home worried that I was an inadequate source of information for these thought leaders.
    Well those evenings when I came home feeling less worthy of my position, I would tell you how I felt. You were always so supportive and complimentary. Every night you would tell me I was much smarter then I thought and yes you always told me how beautiful I was. You were so insistent that I accept the fact that I was very smart. Growing up I struggled in elementary school. I reversed my letters, had trouble in math and had terrible handwriting. My report card usually had C’s. Nothing to be proud of compared to my 2 very gifted children and my attorney husband. I would tell you all this quite often at night and you would not hear it. That was in the past. You told me I gave really good advice, that I was articulate, a good listener, and was much smarter then I gave myself credit for.
    Lauren, I think I have finally found the confidence in myself that you saw in me all along. We all need a cheerleader in our life and you have been mine. I am so lucky to have you and Andrew and Dad in my life to raise me up. So I really always had 3 cheerleaders, but you my dear, with your outgoing personality, had the loudest megaphone. Your positive words are always there in my head swirling around telling me “Mom you can do it” Thank you my dear beautiful daughter Lauren.


    Shelley Brill
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    • aww mommy! I love you! And I told you that you were smart because YOU ARE!! You just needed to believe in yourself. I love watching you grow and seeing you venture out of your comfort zone. It’s cool to see you start to believe and see your own brilliance. I love you and will never stop telling you how smart and beautiful you are (inside and out).

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      • Dear Lauren,
        I miss and love you too! I will try to make you proud of me. I am always proud of you and all you do with The Unsealed as well as helping other people in need. You are a bright star in my world and you light up this world with your beautiful writing talent. Continue to spread your positivity.

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        • A multi-generational family of scribblers! Hurrah!

          Contemplating M and Y

          Insignificant alone, joined together,
          M and Y form a bond that is hard to pry apart.
          My child moves me to the core.
          Deeply felt, it draws upon instincts
          passed down from ancient ancestors,
          fossil remnants suggesting a common bond.

          My child transforms into its own affirmation —
          your mother, your father—
          we are both defined and honored through
          a change of perspective.

          Some my’s I might prefer to push away or hide—
          my greed, my fault, my fatal flaw,
          or in extreme, my enemy, my nemesis,
          dogging my days, foreseeing my end.

          A good defense for my is your—
          ”It’s your turn, now; go ahead, you first.
          Act on your conscience, it’s up to you.
          It’s your fault as much as mine.”

          Some my’s seem to become obsolete with age.
          My favorite ice cream is any that I can justify eating.
          My favorite color – each adds texture to my world:
          orange sunset, purple sage, blue moon, black licorice, green eyes…

          And so, my list of my favorite my’s is short and sweet—
          My love, my husband, my son,
          my father, my mother, my sister, my brothers
          my family, my friends.

          These mys I’ll claim with all my heart until my story ends.

          © Kit Minden

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