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    It’s like I’ve been trying to get somewhere my whole entire life, but
    hitting every red light along the way.
    ITS Like my brakes go out
    thousands miles too soon.
    And like I burn
    thru way too much gas after filling,
    and I can’t even trryyy to justify
    the wear n tear of the motor.
    I have Been spinning my wheel
    and getting nowhere
    for as long as I can remember.
    I’m running on fumes.
    My tires are bald.
    I’m one blow out away from
    swerving into oncoming traffic.
    My dreams are in the passenger seat
    with a broken seat belt, a drunken smile,
    and an empty bottle of vodka
    that I haven’t gotten the courage
    to throw away.
    I have a green valley
    of possibility in front of me.
    And a mountain of regret
    in my rear view mirror!
    I’m hoping there is just enough
    in the tank to make it to the end of this road. CRASH

    Shandi Lynn #SadGirlChronicles

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    • Shandi, your letter beautifully expresses the frustrations and challenges you’ve been facing. Keep pushing forward and don’t let the setbacks define you. You have the strength to overcome and reach your dreams. Stay determined and believe in yourself.

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