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    Birds still chirp their fucking hearts out on crap days,
    Like a karaoke star who’s totally lost his way.
    And flowers? They’re gatecrashing funerals with sass,
    Whispering, “Was it our fucking fragrance, perhaps?”

    People scatter when shit really starts to hit the fan,
    Quicker than I say “fuck it” to my diet plan.
    But the ride-or-dies? They stick like fucking glue,
    Like that piece of gum on your shoe, never bidding adieu.

    The moon’s up there, changing her damn mind,
    Like me in front of the fridge, a late-night find.
    So hey, give yourself a break, don’t stress the fucking phase,
    We’re all just bumbling through life’s mad, crazy maze.

    In the cracks and crevices, we find our fucking groove,
    Dodging life’s big-ass feet, we move and we improve.
    Escaping the drizzle, dodging the damn pee,
    We’re the fucking misfits, making it, wild and free.

    So when life feels as tough as a week-old fucking baguette,
    Remember, we’re rocking this shit, no need to fret.
    In this grand ol’ mess, we might seem fucking small,
    But we’re damn well blooming, giving it our fucking all.

    Rebecca Engle

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    • Rebecca , your letter is filled with raw and honest emotion. Life may be chaotic, but remember, you’re resilient. Embrace your uniqueness and keep pushing forward. You’re blooming and giving it your all, no matter how tough things get.

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