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    Do they color?

    In the realm of whispers, where simple truths twist and turn
    Resides the tale of crayons, damaged and yearned.
    “They still bring color ” they say, with a glance
    Those who have tried know its a flawed dance.

    For crayons though vibrant and bold
    Struggle, in hands that fail to hold.
    The canvas awaits, vast and forgiving
    Fragmented pieces make coloring less than living.

    Coloring, not painting; the distinction is clear
    One wields crayons while the other brushes near.
    Yet the challenge endures with these parts
    Smooth strokes of joy elude us like lost arts.

    Lines appear jagged and hesitant, on our quest
    With each tiny fragment causing hues to fade best.
    The persists “They still bring color indeed ”
    Oh how we long for crayons to succeed.

    For isn’t true bliss found in slow glides?
    In crayons that smoothly coincide?
    Yet from brokenness we learn resilience imbued
    Colors emerge despite abuse endured.Well you know when it comes to coloring with crayons it’s not as easy, as using the ones. It’s like a story of never giving up and facing our fears. Actually it could even be seen as a metaphor for more than just coloring.

    In both life and coloring those who are broken may still manage to leave their impactful marks.. Lets not pretend that it’s just as simple or fair for everyone. We all have our own challenges and obstacles to overcome, both in our lives and, in our endeavors.

    Rebecca Engle

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