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    At 18 years old I was pushed down 150 stairs I lost part of my mobility from my waist down. Later I was chased out of a grocery story by the same guy due to my job.

    As the dawn of adulthood arrived lifes journey began,
    With dreams and aspirations the world embraced your plan.
    Fate took a turn delivering a blow
    Presenting challenges and a different path to follow.

    In the midst of bliss when skies were clear
    Your chosen path deviated,. You persevered without fear.
    With a spirit and heart that shines so bright
    You face obstacles that obstruct your sight.

    From, within newfound strength emerges to prevail
    A boundless courage and unwavering will to sail.
    Unrestricted by limits imposed by destinys hand
    You rise above undeterred and innately grand.

    Though there may be moments of weakness or doubt
    Your resilience tells a tale that transcends throughout.
    Every step you take becomes a triumph in its right
    A soaring spirit unconfined and unbound by plight.

    Adapting is your gift as you redefine what it means
    The essence of strength in all its scenes.
    Your story becomes a beacon for others to admire
    Inspiring hearts amidst trials that may transpire.

    For in your courage one can witness with clarity,
    A portrait of resilience to be seen in totality.
    A testament, to fortitudes resounding song,
    Staying strong when things have gone wrong.

    Rebecca engle

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