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    Head shoulders knees and toes

    In a world of toes and heels
    There resides a villain, fibrous and real.
    Plantar fibromatosis, a foe
    Transforms my feet into a peculiar grind.

    Nodules and bumps they sprout with delight,
    Turning shoes, into foes that plot through the night.
    Every step brings a wince and a frown,
    Oh why must these growths be so renowned?

    I tread with caution like a stroll
    Avoiding pressure to maintain some control.
    These fibrous companions have their say
    Playing tricks on my feet day, after day.

    I yearn for shoes that offer respite
    They taunt me creating an odd plight.
    “Give it your shot ” I say with a grin
    I’ll hobble forward making every step akin!

    So here’s to plantar fibromatosis my amusing companion,
    Transforming each stride into an union.
    I’ll Wiggle as I manage the scene
    With humor and laughter keeping it all serene!

    Becca Engle

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