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    Hide N Seek

    Within the depths of my souls chambers
    Resides a tale cloaked and concealed by mist.
    A story of shadows, of darkness
    Where whispers of despair seep.

    The past a tempestuous journey endured,
    Through valleys veiled in haze.
    Whispers of melancholy a melody,
    Played beneath the moons gaze.

    Why withhold this tale from those I cherish?
    The ache, the anguish heavy to bear.
    To shield them from burdens I chose to hide
    Preserving their hearts with love and care.

    For spoken words cannot be unheard
    Revealing pain and stirring wounds.
    To spare their hearts untouched by despair
    Silence became my tender safeguard.

    Not, out of shame or deceitful embrace
    As loves shield, protective grace.
    I treasure their laughter and unrestrained joy
    A sanctuary where suffering remains unnamed.

    So within the refuge of my hearts retreat
    Rests a truth, a story.
    Through loves rhythm and unspoken pact
    Their serenity is preserved entirely.So I conceal this chapter, this history,
    Deep within the chambers of my soul it silently endures.
    Because love, an treasured shade
    Warrants a canvas that’s untainted and sincere.

    Rebecca Engle

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