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    Happiness Unsealed


    Happiness is like seeing the sun smile, after months of waking to an over casted cloud
    covering the sky

    Happiness is feeling content, being whole on your own , comfortable in your skin

    Happiness is seeing your child laugh. To create happiness for the very little person who your fighting for everyday.

    Happiness is taking that first deep breath on a sunny morning.
    Ready for that first sip of a salted Carmel espresso topped with vanilla foam . That flavor will sky rocket right to your heart oozing in hot liquid love.


    Happiness is feeling joy .
    Happiness is smiling for no reason.

    It’s loving all of the universe for shifting your perspective for the better and seeing what it
    was all for the purpose of.

    like feeling the gears shift in your mind , frequency’s switch between dimensions , hearing different tones and language only your sub conscious mind comprehends.

    so many beautiful faces and colors in the glitch …It’s beauty none the less.

    Like being able to hear the voices of the wind and see all the signs , communications in code with the most high.

    Happiness is walking with a purpose , smelling good with some walk in your stride.
    Happiness is being able to smile from the soul after seeing the cutest Hallmark moment
    take place as you walk down on the side walk.

    Happiness is Being happy for each others lives as we press on.

    It’s the simple things …

    It’s like that feeling When you just stare in each other’s eyes until you envision a new life
    being in love, getting stuck in between the glare that gets you lost in each others mind.


    Is, being satisfied with where you are. Loving yourself unconditionally even in the midst of indecision.

    Happinese is gratefulness , for Being granted with Taking the time to find myself ; a life built off miracles , blessings , and pure wisdom in the center of chaos.

    Wishing for happiness

    Dreaming of happiness

    Feeling happiness

    I am happiness

    Ashley Suttle

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    • Hi, Ashley. This poem does a great job of pulling the reader in. You start with simpler joys like clouds and coffees then dig deeper by discussing topics like gears shifting and subconscious thoughts. The reminder that happiness is within us is beautiful!

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