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    Thank you saga Foss ! I truly appreciate you!

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    Happiness Unsealed


    Happiness is like seeing the sun smile, after months of waking to an over casted cloud
    covering the sky

    Happiness is feeling content, being whole on your own , comfortable in your skin

    Happiness is seeing your child laugh. To create happiness for the very little person who your fighting for everyday.

    Happiness is taking that first deep breath on a sunny morning.
    Ready for that first sip of a salted Carmel espresso topped with vanilla foam . That flavor will sky rocket right to your heart oozing in hot liquid love.


    Happiness is feeling joy .
    Happiness is smiling for no reason.

    It’s loving all of the universe for shifting your perspective for the better and seeing what it
    was all for the purpose of.

    like feeling the gears shift in your mind , frequency’s switch between dimensions , hearing different tones and language only your sub conscious mind comprehends.

    so many beautiful faces and colors in the glitch …It’s beauty none the less.

    Like being able to hear the voices of the wind and see all the signs , communications in code with the most high.

    Happiness is walking with a purpose , smelling good with some walk in your stride.
    Happiness is being able to smile from the soul after seeing the cutest Hallmark moment
    take place as you walk down on the side walk.

    Happiness is Being happy for each others lives as we press on.

    It’s the simple things …

    It’s like that feeling When you just stare in each other’s eyes until you envision a new life
    being in love, getting stuck in between the glare that gets you lost in each others mind.


    Is, being satisfied with where you are. Loving yourself unconditionally even in the midst of indecision.

    Happinese is gratefulness , for Being granted with Taking the time to find myself ; a life built off miracles , blessings , and pure wisdom in the center of chaos.

    Wishing for happiness

    Dreaming of happiness

    Feeling happiness

    I am happiness

    Ashley Suttle

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    • Hi, Ashley. This poem does a great job of pulling the reader in. You start with simpler joys like clouds and coffees then dig deeper by discussing topics like gears shifting and subconscious thoughts. The reminder that happiness is within us is beautiful!

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    Thank you so much!I truly appreciate you for the opportunity to express myself 💚

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  • Love Unsealed

    Is it considered taboo to want to research the very parts of me?

    A primordial sphinx on the hunt for freedom.
    A rainbow warrior with the glow of a fire fly.

    I wanted to see the world and be the difference ever since a child. I couldn’t find the words to express but I knew deep down this life was far bigger than you and I.
    Society wants to chain our mind and keep us bound, but I reject that notion through the shield of mirrors. There should be A level of quiet respect to the highest form when the ancients make there face appear in the rising skies above.

    Not a heavy soul can grasp the magic of this love for self, it’s a ripple effect to the elect .

    “They deem it selfish” Only because boundaries were set after unmasking the strings of lifeless puppets due to Geppettos scheme.

    As a child it made my insides scream but now I’m back as a Samurai ready to cut the veil as I snatch my voice back !

    Cause Regardless I will stay poised. Like wind chimes with a silent sound , a rhythm pumping through my veins harmonizing sweet grace.

    I AM urbane.

    I will not settle for less than anything I deserve. If I’m honest it’s true to say there were many lessons learned. My heart became open the more I got stabbed in it.
    A shock to the sight. An implosion of a madriasis to a gapping Truth . The hurt we experience as a poison we ingest
    Most tend to glorified as they justify with that same unchanged behavior. Triggering an unstoppable velocity of the most gruesome Mary go round with acceptance like a token of appreciation to the repetitive cycle.

    It’s scary

    Those red flags tingle on the inside like a ping pong shaking my electrical receptors alerting every meridian as I raise my fist in deflection.
    I’m Sensing your bullshit underneath that trench coat of shadows you wear like the latest fashion coat .

    So Mote it Not to be

    So yet again I denounce that decree. Cause for so many years I’ve shed many tears for the joy of kissing happiness.
    My Celibacy amplifies my potency to having that .
    I find it easy to Disarm the ego of the shallow man.

    Through every mirror I walk past, when I look into my own eyes I fall deep
    No succubus or strays I deserve the real thing.
    A beauty that desires the same love as me, the same beauty that when I look at HER, I see me .
    The more I say no to the world outside the bigger the battle comes to oblige.

    No worries, “Why do you think Arch Angel Michael carries a sword at his side?
    I Just close my eyes and quantum leap. As The Angels heal and protect me, while i sleep”.

    I’m On a psychic voyage , navigating through intuition. Writing down my dreams that are often a premonition
    I’ll cut that cord within the quickness, calling back my energy if it brings me discord, as i recalibrate.

    There shouldn’t be a war between two worlds based off my decision to walk away as my will is free.
    Its my sanity I’m protecting and my heart I’m cleansing from the past of a treacherous journey .
    These years of silence helped me through my mind as I roamed the inside like a tomb raider.

    Removing those chains , picking locks. Warring to denounce those words these dark guardians spoke over me to forever be shackled in hurt ignoring Gods knock .
    Even though the little girl was Drowning in tears, she was guarding my purity from the start .
    -A captor for my love, a wise old wizard at heart.

    She knew the struggles and the Abrasions they would cause, but never even to this day would let me die without basking in the ambience of heavens poetry.
    it’s a schism

    Like A war of the hearts

    … “The fire has got to cease”
    ( I smile as I listen to the beautiful Sade Sing)

    There is enough grief in this world as is.
    I’m tired of battling THERE schizoid antics through covert tactics that over time made me walk further away from the beautiful parts of me.

    After so many years of searching and finding it took 33 years to find me.
    My battle scars are these dark circles under my eyes . Saying “ I love you Ashley, it’s about time we found you in I .

    Like hidden scrolls I dove deep inside cement walls just to access these very parts of me. Of course there’s more to come for my life in the now is just the beginning of my true self.

    (This is why I love myself )

    Note to the world of readers and writers:

    “There is a series of major lessons that must be learned each life time, one is the walk within. Boldly choosing the shear beauty of seeking the love of self, beyond a stellar dream is the key to your heart,… YOU are the key to your own heart. Once you choose you, everything meant will fall in line too ❤️”

    Ashley Suttle

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  • Ashley Suttle shared a letter in the Group logo of PoetryPoetry group 1 month ago

    Her name was Hope

    Beyond the storm ,
    blew the jaguars roars whispering in the wind.

    The shards of her tears blew like hail raging against my window
    as I stare out past the cold air intrigued by the deep lilac tones setting to the west,
    In the arctic night sky.

    Though the earth was in an up roar
    I still stand grounded mesmerized by the beautiful noise in you.

    Though im weathered ,
    My face of stone longs to kiss your cold lips, inside this body sways a smoldering fire, with beating drums and A tribe of fire dancers-
    praise dancing on the inside – you are my world , My Hope.
    -A Shamans bliss.

    She holds a resonance so strong it trembles beneath the roots and Maga. Creating tidal waves from her heartache , breaking down in tears as she earth quakes with stammering convulsions strangling in her own anger.
    Society calls her mother nature, but before the rain , before the storms , before the pain from the birth of it all … like me she came from the stars…. Her name was Hope.

    My love…
    A beauty some captivating ,
    Her movement can shape shift into the most delicate of plants , from a meek animal to the most ferocious beast , swirling pastel clouds, to stand before me
    naked with the voice of a siren shimmering like a flickering blue flame …though different ….we both are one in the same.
    To feel you….
    all I have to do is walk out that door,
    but it’s even deeper, more sacred… if I close my eyes with my hand on my heart – breathing in the thought of you,
    Transmuting this anxiety in to balance
    aligning with the elements of a cosmic vibrance!
    (Deep breath)
    I love you

    My Hope

    Together we shift through phases and transitions
    mirroring conflictions with the humans of this world cause there actions scream power through forced submission but still when we stand close …eye to eye… our love together creates romance
    cause we both know that true love never dies
    It just amplifying

    “My Hope”

    Even if I die in the flesh, I’ve made a vow for a thousand lifetimes that my spirit will always come back to fight for you and I

    My dearest Hope

    Though these battles can’t be seen with human eyes , in the night I am geared up to Astral travel with you together
    warring with the lords of darkness as we race through time to ignite the torch with passion over and over again with the spark of
    And everyday when I wake up,
    and I see the sunrise even if the sky is cloudy and Grey I can still see the light.

    That’s how I know that my Hope
    is still Alive

    Ashley Suttle

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  • Ashley Suttle shared a letter in the Group logo of PoetryPoetry group 1 month ago


    Even though my heart may pound
    I have no fear

    I AM


    Right next to my Angels of vengeance whom Are always near.
    I don’t need to lie, MY existence is the proof.

    They are my Amplified reinforcements , sent from a different dimension to guard me from Those Jekyll and hide spirits masquerading in human skin.
    slither in like woven black silk , those Agents of banter come with laughter
    A cracked smile with hollow eyes Breathing a muster gas full of lies,
    But you must hold still!
    Watch them swirl around like gloomy dark clouds

    Shifting through the vortices seeing the debris crash right before me , and always walk out unscathed

    An ancient spirit . My essence is unspoken the ancestors I respect and they demand my respect for me

    No need to worry about the slander and psychic projections . Cause those baneful attacks those body jumpers send get deflected ethereally.
    It’s an unforseen battle with minions attacking in desperation

    I often wake up tired after war cause it’s my sovereignty and self respect I must defend as a guardian from the Galactic Federation
    “The Voices of Fire get louder like cherubs chanting in Gregorian harmony singing so beautifully” …
    “No worries -it’s already done” They said Anything that I ask for it’s deserved,
    Drop those burdens and look up to the stars

    Command your respect

    You’re a goddess from afar

    Ashley Suttle

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    • Ashley, I love this. This line is everything, “I don’t need to lie, MY existence is the proof. Your existence is the proof is so much. You deserve respect and more! Your existence is the proof! Thank you for sharing this. <3 Lauren

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  • Ye Welcome The Year 2024

    The sound of a thousand semi automatic guns rang in the distant
    Echoing a turbulent welcome for a new years celebration once the clock struck 12
    With my body aching, Battling a cold with massive migraines marked the end to this year of 7.
    What a powerful flush of an energetic cleanse to my DNA as I transcend
    “I smiled with the knowing that This year means the scales are about to be balanced in my life once again” .
    In my mind I Watched the last piece of sand fell through the hour glass modeling the figure 8… a year of infinite possibilities, perhaps an overflow of delayed blessings ?
    As I sit now, writing at my desk draped in a cloak of protection. The Arch angels stand near as I pray for divine intervention for all the years I’ve cried JUSTICE
    Staring into the image of the jaguars eyes I know I’m next in line for a miracle.
    Goals for a peaceful life, a safe home somewhere near the mountains.
    Eager to be closer to God as I embark on this destined journey with my baby fish tinkering at my side.
    “Goals to find my tribe, and model world peace
    “ heal with the earth,”
    What a blessing to envision a silent escape from a ghost town, ridden in 7 deadly sins .
    A land of body bags covered in blood shed.
    I got my sights set forward, So now I can sow seeds on a land upon inheritance where the ancestors once weep.

    “ The mountainous red turf in a vortex of manna.”

    I Amplify my holy Trinity of self as I denounce the spirit of fear , for it was written as described from the words above.
    when I foretold the looming truth of unjust crimes covered up by crooked cops and greedy ken who would rather see me held in asylum counting down the days waiting for me to die!
    Too much truth? I think not.
    So many goals but that also includes to let my voice shake as I speak from the heart and share hidden prophecy
    Break down the walls, let the birds sing . It’s time for my fiery soul to be ‘Unsealed’.
    I want to paint with sand and quantify in knowledge. Sit with shamans and monks on grassy lands taking notes as we read books.
    There has been too many years gone by where I lived in hyper vigilance , writing down dreams waiting for the day to express myself a burning desire to live free.
    I woke up this morning, nasal path ways wide open …noticing I could breathe.
    “The storm is over this year it’s all about giving life to the beautiful visions I’ve seen.”
    These are my goals for the new years closing out the year 2023

    Ye Welcome The Year 2024, Time to let freedom Ring.

    Ashley Suttle

    Voting starts March 15, 2024 12:00am

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    • Ashley, I love this line, “I know I’m next in line for a miracle.” I like the idea of feeling that and believing it. It is a beautiful sentiment. Thank you for sharing and thank you for being part of The Unsealed family. <3 lauren

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