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    In The Last Year

    Dear Unsealers,

    This note is something that I’ve done for the last two years. As my friend Chari Pere posted about the things that she had done in the last year. The following is this years list.

    In the last year…

    I’ve moved on from a job of eight years and found a new, albeit temporary job

    The trip to Italy happened after a two year delay

    I took in the view from the roof garden of The Met

    The Roger Waters concert at MSG happened after a two year delay

    I’ve taken to reading and posting my poems on Instagram, Youtube, Swell & Tiktok

    I had a mini Made To Do This reunion in person, meeting Rachel Jackson, Kristina Tickler Welsome & Jayati Vora for dinner

    I awoke the abundant me

    I took in the beauty of “The Beautiful Blue Danube” and clapped along to “The Radetzky March” during the Salute To Vienna concert .

    I’ve completed Amy Kay’s “Poem A Day” challenge during NaPoWriMo

    I got to see the musical “Company” during it’s Broadway run

    I got to meet Victoria Williams during her stay in NYC

    I challenged myself by taking Megan Falley’s “Poems That Don’t Suck” course

    I’m hosting an open mic for writers and poets with disablities on 3/30

    I have my next trip booked for the end of September, to Greece; with one more on the cards before the year ends.

    I’m taking steps to become a more independent adult

    I know this list doesn’t cover everything that’s happened in the last year.

    I’m trying to move my life into a more positive direction

    It doesn’t feel like things are happening, though

    I won’t stop trying to make forward progress with my life.

    Oswald Perez

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