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    Ideal Woman

    Mother, daughter, sister, wife, friend,
    All are one and the same in muslim women.
    We hear what we need,
    We mishear what we deem reprehensible!

    We learn early the need for compromise, understanding,
    And flexibility which are requirements of survival
    In a world where the ‘I’ is more important than fighting
    For togetherness, unity, and equality. Rather,
    It’s replaced by the needs of the individual!

    They surpass and prevail over the duties of the whole,
    Whether that be the couple, nuclear and extended
    Family which help fortify and solidify the need,
    More, the essential requirements of values, ethics, and religiously
    Equitable interactions that eliminate racism and all that’s dicrimatory.

    We have to seem ‘perfect’ in both appearance and morality.
    We have to be learned, open minded, not fearfully
    Aware that we can be imperfect, human, and loving.
    Not being the epitome of everything only highlights your humanity.

    ©️Malak kalmoni chehab ©️

    Malak Kalmoni Chehab

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    • This is such a great letter, Malak. I can relate to your message because I am a follower of Yahweh and don’t put myself into any denomination. But I believe that we all should be able to care for one another and not just focus on ourselves. We should live a life where we would want to be treated and not treat others poorly. But even when people treat us poorly we treat them better.

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      • Exactly. We women need to support one another in order to leave our mark within others, whether in our children, society, or even only in writing. It’s still a wonder to me how some of us continue to believe that what we do as women lacks importance and relevance.

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