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    Open Mindedness

    The combat to stear away from ingrained
    Stereotypes built on empowering one group over
    Others has been historically documented
    Over and over again, without respite from war,
    Revolution, rebellion, and power of religion.

    Gaslighting’s cruelty needs to end,
    People need to accept that they lend
    One another strength, humanity, and empathy
    That encompasses all within its circly,
    Eviscerating all negativity of cruelty.

    Just as gaslight’s days have disappeared,
    So should we annex racism, superiority,
    Cruelty, and hate from our vocabulary
    To surpass our own need of demeaning Others to feel lightly about our savagery.

    Eventually, the subjugated becomes the tyrant
    In a bid to brush off the feel of enslavement.
    The mortal heart can only take such demeaning
    Speech for so long, then pride and the need
    To assert one’s existence and value
    Will, inevitably, lead to violence that bleed
    Inflammatory speech, writing, cartoons,
    Or any type of social media that accepts
    Such verbal vulgarity.

    People who feel a connection to their humanity,
    I implore you to set aside learned cruelty,
    Open your minds to others, brothers sisters,
    In compassion and empathy reigning freely.
    ©️ Malak kalmoni chehab ©️
    From my poetry book, Perfectly Flawed

    Malak Kalmoni Chehab

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    • This is so deep and so real. All in the world should be rooted in love. There is no need for hate, stereotypes, hierarchy, or violence. The foundation of life and society should always be love. Thank you for sharing @malakkc!

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