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    International Writers Day acrostic

    International Writer’s Day

    Internet has facilitated global connections
    Never stop the growth of writers
    That rend their hearts as their words flow
    Empowering the weak to
    Remember their worth
    Never succumbing to oppression’s
    Timely propagation that cleaves
    Intimate family members into
    Open enemity, clearly ‘Dividing & Conquering’
    Needlessly aggressive, destructive,
    Avid in mercilessly taking resources and
    Leaving nothing to the Indigenous peoples.

    Write, revel, rebel, roast, rumble the gruesome
    Reality of a world built on Materialism
    Instead of unity of humanity
    That lends compassion and succor that
    Eventually works together against the oppressor
    Ruining the ecology, separating family,
    Solidifying Darwin’s rules of supremacy

    Dealing in strength that overpowers others
    Amid illegal, inhumane practices that have
    Yet to be punished.

    ©️ Malak kalmoni chehab ©️

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    • Powerful words, Malak. Your passion for justice and unity shines through. Keep writing, raising awareness, and fighting against oppression. Together, we can create a world that values compassion, equality, and the preservation of our planet. Never underestimate the impact of your voice and the power of collective action.

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