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    A Lioness Arises

    I don’t mean to sound conceited
    But now I’m focused on respecting me
    I’ve lived my life trying to people please,
    Finally done with it, I broke free
    I need to respect me
    By setting boundaries
    Boundaries stronger than Titanium
    I need to practice saying no
    Saying no to compromise
    And stand firm in my beliefs, feelings and healing
    I need to practice discernment
    Keeping my vulnerabilities away from those
    Those who only know how to hurt me
    I need to practice patience
    That word used to scare me
    I used to be so hard on myself for not
    Not progressing as fast as others
    I need to stop comparing myself
    I have my own pace and they have theirs
    I need to practice confidence
    I need to walk in boldness and grace
    Like a Lioness with pride in her prowess
    Stomping on the skulls of what used to haunt me
    Terrorizing my sleep, making me drowsy
    So I can’t live to my full potential with this chronic fatigue
    Afraid to sleep because the girl I saw
    Seemed to be impossible to be,
    So I shut her out to have depression keep me company
    I thank my Father for pushing me and encouraged to fight
    So i take my sword paired with my shield
    Decimating the lies that the demons wield
    Their voices no longer linger in my brain
    All because I fought without restrain
    I wont tolerate what I don’t deserve.
    I need to take care of me
    So I have the capability to be a blessing to others
    I need to put my healing first,
    So I don’t bleed on the ones who didn’t cut me.
    I need to trust myself,
    So I can discern who I can or cannot trust.
    I need to respect myself,
    So I can respect those I love that surround me.
    So that way I’m not plagued by hypocrisy.


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