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    Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

    Historically anytime I really desired to do something that I really wanted to do I just did it, even though sometimes there would be doubt I would still do it. And anytime I just stayed in my comfort zone I almost never got what I desired. So now that I’ve experienced both getting out and staying in a com fort zone I know that going for what you desire is better than the regret of doing anything. Cause then you’ll live in regret, which weights tons
    Right now as I write this letter I’m doing something that’s out of the box for me, which is a program I’m taking which once I accomplish I know it will make me a much better person. Also I desire to take this program for a long time and now I get to take the program after a long time attempting to find it.
    Every time I go out of my comfort zone overall I actually always feel incredibly thankful that I took that jump because if I didn’t or refuse I know it will be on my mind until its accomplished one way or another.

    Overall through the course of this letter I highlighted the consequence of now going after your dreams and staying in your comfort zone so with that being said I desire to say this last thing. Jack Canfield once said “You are not allowed to have a dream that you can’t make come true”. So go and accomplish your dream “You can’t spell the word goal without the word GO” so go do it, manifest it, accomplish it. You Can Do It!!!
    P.S that last quote was one of my own.

    Jairus Lovell
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