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    A kiss is the way that hearts can connect

    Through lips that are tender, soft, and knowing

    The feeling of love is warm, gentle, and glowing

    When loving lips meet, the hearts feel the effect


    Hold the embrace and never let go

    Time stops for the kiss so hearts can then speak

    They whisper sweet words that are caring and meek

    Their language is subtle and spoken just so


    What they say is a secret transmitted in code

    They plan for the future and forgetting the past

    Hearts speak of a mystery that will linger and last

    The lips move that message in a soft, silent mode


    When the spoken “I love you” is not quite sufficient

    It’s time for the hearts to speak once again

    And send their sweet poems through pathways that bend

    Back through our lips in a way so efficient


    Ricardo Albertorio

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    • I love this! I read something today on a cup of coffee that said “Life is too short to kiss on the cheek.” This reminded me of that quote 🙂 <3 Lauren

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      • Thank you, Lauren…it’s one of my favorites I’ve written. I was trying to figure out why kissing your loved one is so important as compared to simply saying the repetitive and tired “I love you”. You can’t lie with a kiss 😉

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