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    I am a work in progress

    Orphan baby that time stole

    As I figure out my role

    Though sometime just a hot mess

    I try to find my true self

    Racing time against its toll

    Challenging my self control

    While maintaining mental health

    The haters and the lovers

    Inspire my will to thrive

    And my desire to stay alive

    Lest I dive under the covers

    So, in stepping out of bed

    I take steps toward my goal

    Like a newborn baby foal

    To live life outside my head

    Ricardo Albertorio

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    • Ricardo, we are all a work in progress. But, in my humble opinion, you are wonderful just as you are today. You are kind and thoughtful. Keep pursuing your happiness. You deserve it. <3 Lauren

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      • Thank you, Lauren. Isn’t that life’s greatest challenge? The process of learning to love and accept yourself. We’re all “getting there” in the best way we know how.

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    • That’s certainly my goal too! Keep pushing forward, you’ll get there. I will too.

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