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    I’m sorry if I embarrass you

    Because I’m not like other dads

    This thought often makes me sad

    So I write to shake the blues

    Shame and guilt have haunted me

    As I’ve watched you learn and grow

    And someday I hope you know

    That you’re all I want to be

    But I had to make a choice

    Though it may never seem that way

    To reveal my self one day

    And to speak with my true voice

    And I hope you find yours too

    As you’ll need a voice in life

    To defend yourself from strife

    And to yourself stay true

    Just remember that my heart

    Will never fade or falter

    I will always be your father

    And my love shall not depart

    So now I say goodbye

    Holding memories so close

    Being more than just a ghost

    As I yearn to for your reply



    Ricardo Albertorio

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