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    Dear Sister

    Dear sissy,

    You are my older sister, even though people mistook us being daughter and parent. We are fifteen years apart, a huge age gap, but we never really saw the bad in it.

    However, you were like a mom to me in many ways. You said when I was younger, I would always say I want to go, and I would grab on your leg. You basically took me everywhere with ya. I remember one time when I was with your friends as you were watching me. Someone asked does it bother you that you take me everywhere? You just shrugged your shoulders and really didn’t see it as a big deal. Years later, as I’m an adult now, I sometimes felt guilty but then it quickly went away with your assurance.

    Looking back, the faculty at my school thought you were my mom since you always picked me up or dropped me off at times. I remember how you would sometimes pick me up early, since I wasn’t feeling well. But you didn’t say anything when I asked if I could have McDonald’s or something. You knew I didn’t care for school, I hated it especially when I was younger, but you just kept quiet and gave me an extra burger without telling mom.

    If someone ever tried to bully me, bless them because you were always an over protective mama bear. You gave me good advice if someone gave me hard time. You taught me to stand up for myself, also don’t worry about getting in trouble, and you sort of taught me how to use my mouth.

    I always had something to say, never was one to back down, and it was honestly thanks to you to give me the courage to talk more witty and have heavy sarcasm.

    You didn’t mind when I went inside your closet and stole some of your outfits. You thought it was cute how I was like a little version of yourself. You taught me over the years, giving me the influence to dress and style as I wish and feel comfortable in my own skin.

    You were there for me when I had my heartaches. Just as I was there for you for yours. The both thing we hate is seeing each other cry, and there’s no need for us to explain why we loath that.

    You taught me about respect, especially when it comes to making friends and dating. Mostly dating, if they don’t respect me, just say bye Felicia. I don’t owe anyone anything, since we’re the like the greatest person they will ever meet. That might be a bit of an exasperating, but you always tell us we’re fabulous and we are a treat when someone meets us. If they can’t see that, then don’t waste our time and there’s plenty of people who will treat us fairly like we deserve.

    Sometimes I wish I can get like a mirror to see how wonderful and awesome you are. You always loved the Disney villains, not the Disney princesses. I wish there was a magic mirror I could purchase to show how much of the fairest you are. However, you and I are a lot alike because getting compliments makes us flustered at times. We take them easily with each other, but we feel like little turtles when someone else compliments.

    If you raised someone who’s comfortable in her own skin and is ambitious to succeed in life. I hope that will show how much amazing you are! Also your cat Rupert can show you, since he has so many health problems but you didn’t give up to keep on helping him. And he’s still going!

    All love,


    Dee cat whiskers
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    • so sweet! I hope you show this to your sister. She will absolutely love it. You both are lucky to have each other. She sounds like an amazing person with a lot of good advice.

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    • Wow, your sister reminds me of my older sister. I as well look up to her and so does my other siblings she was like our mother because she definitely took care of us more than our actual mom. Your sister would be so proud of you and I’m glad you have someone like her to guide you.

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