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    Trial & Error

    ****trigger warning: explicit mention of sexual violence****

    In response to events surrounding a recent high profile trial.

    You give your seal of approval
    He’s such a good guy
    He was a good friend to me

    You bring up the wife and child
    He keeps them safe
    from all the dangerous men

    You’re the face of a cause
    but you mustn’t believe it at all,
    not a word you say

    Protect the children at all costs
    Keep the daughters safe
    from prying eyes and hands

    Keep the prepubescent pure,
    and rape the women-
    she is yours, she can’t say no

    Your words like a knife
    etch your perspective and ill motive
    into perpetuity

    At least one in three
    Rarely any recourse
    No one writing her letter to set her free

    Tally the victims,
    tell the world they exist,
    yet, no one cares to know
    how many men are rapists

    No, don’t be sorry we found out
    It’s best we all know
    what you are


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    • I have been obsessively reading about Danny Masterson, Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis all week. I am incredibly disturbed and upset by all of it. For me, when someone stands up or stands by a known rapist, it makes me feel like we (any and all victims) don’t matter. But I do feel justice and progress in the fact that they prosecuted him and a famous, wealthy and once-beloved celebrity was sentenced to 30 years. I feel your anger. I feel your frustration. Thank you for writing this piece. <3 Lauren

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