• The One Who Always Learns

    Hey, You.
    Are you feeling anxious right now?
    Or are you afraid of the results of your tests?
    It’s indeed frustrating when the test questions are something you don’t know how to answer. It feels like your effort to study was for nothing.
    Which place will you land in?
    Who will stand beside you there?
    “Am I gonna be OK?” you question that every day since the test ended.
    “What if my worst fear comes true?” You don’t have an appetite until you know you are safe.

    Hey, You. Come here.

    Hug me and let all your feelings flood out. Let them stream freely in our body, no need to block them, even though they sting and squeeze our heart much.
    It’s OK.
    Nothing happens for nothing.
    Bruises are there to show us that we are fighters.
    The pain we are most afraid of?
    When that happens, we will be strong enough to handle it.

    Sometimes, what you expect betrays you.
    What you want slips from your hands.
    What you need is too far to reach.

    Sometimes you will cry loud and alone.
    Other times, you will be too numb to feel anything.
    Too tired to even try.
    Don’t worry.
    Even with all the blood and scars, eventually, everything is going to be OK for you.
    Because you will never stop when things are difficult. You will only stop when things are finished.
    You will fall and hurt, but you will always get back up and stand stronger.
    And without you realizing it, you will be at the peak of the mountain you’ve been trying to conquer! Your dreams will come true one by one. Trust me, they will.
    Then you will understand that your dream not for nothing, but because you can achieve them.

    Go on.
    Keep making new dreams.
    Let people laugh at your dreams.
    Because it does not matter whether you achieve them or not,
    You know the goal itself is what inspires you to be better.
    The curiosity to break the ceiling is the reason you always try as hard as you can.

    And that’s enough for you.

    You are happy as the one who always learns and tries their best.
    And that’s how you will always be OK.

    Astrida Hara

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