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    What Do I owe You

    Lost in a whimsical realm of ethereal shadows,
    I find myself captivated, unable to escape this mesmerizing pandemonium.
    Ensnared within a labyrinth of disheartenment and forsakenness,
    The echoes of desolation reverberate through the very air I breathe.

    From within me, arises an ardent yearning,
    A desperate longing for a guiding star to emancipate me from endless darkness.
    Through convoluted corridors of entitlement’s snare,
    Truth and virtue hang scarce, like precious gems just out of reach.

    I meander aimlessly, a wayward soul deprived of purpose,
    Amidst the chaos and muddle that envelops me in its suffocating embrace.
    My weary thoughts veiled in a shroud of ambiguity,
    As I diligently scour for solace, yet it eludes my grasp like a fleeting whisper.

    Yet, deep within my core, a stubborn flicker persists,
    A flame of hope that refuses to flicker out, consistently nourishing my spirit.
    Within this despair-ridden maze of adversity,
    I shall persevere, relentlessly seeking my very own radiant beacon of light.

    Rashan Speller

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