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    To My Perfect Little Boy!

    I use to yearn,
    Yearn for this day.
    The day,
    I get to wipe your tears;
    Kissing your booboo’s.
    The day,
    I surrender to your love;
    Getting lost in your snuggles.

    Everyone told me,
    How great it is;
    Having a son.
    Your hugs,
    Your love,
    Your attachment.

    Nobody told me..
    How amazed I would be,
    Amazed by you.
    You’re only one,
    I can feel your excitement,
    Excitement for the world.
    I watch in awe;
    How curious you are,
    Curious of your surroundings.
    How you discover,
    Discover who you are.

    I find myself drifting,
    Into a world,
    A world of,
    You and I;

    Daily I see,
    My uptight personality,
    Melting away.
    Melted by..
    Your mischievous smile.

    I can NOT remember,
    Those days;
    Days of tears,
    Tears of fear,
    Fear of never sharing.
    Sharing life,
    With you.

    A gift,
    That you,
    My son,
    Has given,
    Given to me.

    XOXO – Mommy

    AL Gonzalez
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    • Dear Al,
      How lucky you are to know the joys of motherhood. Your little boy sounds so sweet and amazing. I am glad you are taking the time to smell the roses. Your experience with your son will continue to be the highlight of your life. Stay close to him and you will see how he enriches your life in so many ways.

      All the best,

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