Here is why my life will be better in 2022

To: The new 2002 me

From: Lauren Brill

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Dear 2022 me , 

You do not see the world the same before the pandemic started
You were all about work and business, but emotionally, you were guarded  

Don’t get me wrong, you loved to go out, dance, laugh and date the cutest guys 
But you realize now, all you were experiencing were temporary highs     

In 2020, the music turned off and the parties suspended                                                                                            
It seemed like all the fun in your life was apprehended

For a year, you and your dog Wylie lived all alone but yet you never felt disconnected 
From depression, isolation and loneliness - you were always protected 

Your mom, dad and even your brother Facetimed you nearly every single day 
And your true friends called you all the time just to say, “Hey”

As the world was quiet, it became loud and clear where joy truly comes from
And how important it is not to go through life with your emotions completely numb

I am excited for the new 2022 you

You are still ambitious and driven to see your company succeed 
But now your mind is completely open, as your heart has been freed 

You might get hurt or disappointed by some people who you allow to come close 
But as time moves on you will figure out who cares about you most

On the phone, in person or on zoom, you will open up to people and let them know who you are
You will tell them how you feel, instead of just showing bits and pieces of yourself from afar 

You will learn to lean on others, play board games and laugh when nothing is even funny 
You will have the most fun, when you engage in activities that don’t require any money 

In 2022, your life will be filled with so much more substance than it was before 
All because these last two years shook you at your core 

Whether it's a pandemic, heartbreak, loss, disappointment or failure, you have figured out how you can always rise above 
And that’s why in 2022, your life will always lead with love

P.S. If you would like to write a poem to the new 2022 you, enter our contest here

Lauren Brill
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