This is why The Unsealed is a blessing in our daughter’s life

To: Lauren

From: Marty and Jodi Shagrin

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Two summers ago, you helped our daughter Morgan write her letter for The Unsealed:

This Is Why My Stutter Won’t Stop Me

Morgan has been working to overcome her stutter since a very young age. As her parents, Jodi and I have tried to get Morgan to work with multiple therapists through her schools and private practice to learn to overcome her speech impediment. While teaching Morgan to relearn to talk will always be a challenge, we quickly saw the mental support she needed was far more important. 

We’ve tried everything and have seen several highs and lows in Morgan. There will never be a magic pill, and we knew that. Then The Unsealed happened. It provided Morgan with an unbiased platform. It was safe. She found a place to tell her story from her perspective. It was her heart that came through in the letter. It was her emotions that came through and her feelings. We have talked with Morgan about her emotions over the years, but nothing has had the impact of her public-facing letter on The Unsealed. 

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She found a place to tell her story from her perspective. It was her heart that came through in the letter.

After the letter was published, she had a newfound confidence. She was not afraid to talk and meet new people. She now understands that her disability does not define her. Yes, it is a part of her, but it is not her. The letter, told from her words, has acted like a coming out party for Morgan. 

She is now away in college at Miami University. She has had to learn to make new friends and find her way away from the confines of our home for the very first time. I know the letter on The Unsealed has played a big role in her success. I’m not totally sure Morgan even knows it, but I’ve seen the before and after. The difference is clear. Morgan is not a finished product, but now she knows her stutter is not a blocker. She has more confidence than ever to go get the life she wants. We are so proud of Morgan. She has worked hard and has come so far. Thank you for playing a part in her growth. Thank you for providing this opportunity to Morgan. Its impact on her has been immeasurable. We can’t wait to see what she does next.


Marty and Jodi Shagrin


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