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    An Open Letter to Allison Holker

    Dear Allison,

    My name is Victoria and I want to first start out by appreciating your strength. I’m a 25-year-old digital creator, blogger, and mental health advocate from Texas! I never really claimed to be an “advocate” because I have no diagnosed illnesses. However, we all have mental health- and I’ve come to realize that it shouldn’t have to happen to you, to matter to you! I don’t know you personally- but I know of you through the power of you and your late husband’s platform. When I first heard about the shocking and disturbing news of Stephen “tWitch” Boss suicide- I had no words. My first thought went straight to your youngest daughter Zaia (who is beautiful by the way 😍) and I couldn’t fathom growing up without my own Dad. My Dad experienced some health issues related to his digestive system at the beginning of 2022. It affected my mental health because I realized how attached I am to my parents and thinking of my life without them makes me feel weary. While I believe it’s important for young girls to have their Dad’s around- I think it’s equally as important for little girls to have their Moms. A strong mama like you is a rare breed. I am extremely sorry for your loss- I can’t imagine your pain but I want to acknowledge your presence. Your husband impacted me in a more subliminal way. His bright smile, great style, and dope dance moves on “The Ellen Show” and on my Instagram made their way to my heart. You both moved so in sync- and I would be mesmerized. I ask God to send me a soulmate that’s as perfect for me as “tWitch” was for you. Anyways Queen, please keep your head up. I believe for a fact there are people out there who need your strength and resilience. Thank you for leading with love. Keep on moving!

    With love,


    Victoria Makanjuola

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    • I didn’t know Twitch at all to be honest. I stay in touch with current pop culture as much as possible. I’ve learned as much as people say you get older and out of touch. I say no you get busier and have different priorities or other things absorbing your attention. So I didn’t know the impact he had on others but respect that he maximized the gifts he was blessed with but possibly sacrificed mental health for career greatness. I think American culture has us feeling we need to get more out of our minutes, hours, and days. Efficiency is to be maximized in the business world but also kids now are managed that way at such a young age. I hope his work load was not a main reason for his breakdown of his well being. Even the ones that do what they love can get burned out. We all need that nothing on the schedule and some you time. I hope that his wife can find peace knowing that what he must have went through to make the choice he did can’t bother him anymore. Victoria, thank you for sharing how his life and impacted yours.

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      • Thank you so much for these touching words Jamie. Writing this letter makes me think of Cheslie Kryst, the former Miss USA who also died by suicide. She had my dream career and I’d have loved to be in her position, but some of us are carrying invisible weights. I wish I could do more than write a letter to be honest but I hope she reads this one day!! Thanks.

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