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    This is why I don't give up

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    To The Unsealed Community ,

    I usually say my childhood dream was to be a sportscaster, and while that’s true, it was only part of the dream. The vision, the goal, has always been much bigger.

    Since I was a little- four or five years old, I would tell my parents, “One day, I am going to change the world.”

    It’s cheesy and cliche, I know. But it’s also true. I had so much ambition. At eight years old, I would stay up all night worrying and thinking about my career.

    When I would tell my mom, she would respond, “What career? You’re eight!”

    She totally didn’t get it, and both my parents did what they could to try and convince me to take some pressure off myself, which I never did.

    I have no idea where this desire to succeed on a monumental scale came from, but it’s always been there for as long as I can remember. The drive. The hunger. The desire. And, unfortunately, the constant worrying about how or if I could make this happen.

    While I have checked off a few boxes regarding my goals, including attending an ivy league college and becoming a sportscaster, there is still so much more I want to do. And I certainly thought by my 30’s, I’d have this whole changing-the-world career path all figured out. While I have made progress, I am still trying to piece it all together.

    In pursuit of my goal, I started The Unsealed, a platform for people to share their truth in the form of open letters. Through these letters, I hope to amplify voices and inspire people around the globe but I have made so many mistakes. Every day, I am still learning about entrepreneurship, marketing, and online communities.

    Every second I am scared. I’m afraid I won’t figure this out. I am scared I will make a wrong decision, making what feels like this Jinga tower I am building come crashing down. I know that applying for a job with a designated set of tasks, “normal” hours, and a consistent paycheck would be much easier. But that’s not my dream.

    So,I keep pushing and do my best to lean away from my fears and into my confidence. And with each challenge that arises (and there are many), I draw motivation from several different places.

    Many of you have shared with me that The Unsealed has changed your life. It’s made some of you feel seen. It’s made some of you feel heard. It’s influenced at least one of you not to take your own life. On the days I am tired, and in the moments I am scared, I think of all of you.

    Then, there are my parents. They have poured their time, their heart, their soul, and their money into my dream and my happiness without ever asking me for so much as a penny in return. They read all of our stories. They come to every single zoom. They share all of my posts. My mom has spent hours helping me email schools and writing programs. I so desperately want my parents to see my company take over the world because I know their wishes are for mine to come true. On the days I am tired, and in the moments I am scared, I think of my parents.

    Lastly, I have worked so hard. I have sacrificed relationships, time with my friends, the opportunity to make more money faster, and who knows what else to pursue this crazy dream. I want this. I work every day – seven days a week, often typing away until I fall asleep fully dressed with my computer by my side. I love what I do. I love my mission. I love what we have already accomplished and what I hope my company will one day achieve. I owe it to myself to keep going – to not give up on the days I am tired, and in the moments I am scared.

    Dreams don’t come true quickly or easily for most people. And that’s why for most people, their dreams will always be just a dream. But every day, I am glad that I haven’t given up on you, my parents, or myself because even if I don’t change the whole damn world, my work, my heart, my passion, and my resilience is already changing many lives, including mine.

    Thanks for being here on this scary but beautiful journey. This is just the beginning.

    With love, hope, and faith,

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    • Lauren,

      I’ve been here for the majority of your journey of creating The Unsealed and your hard work making it what it is today. Knowing where it found me, it is incredible what you’ve done. I know that at moments I can be incredibly difficult. You have through The Unsealed helped me reshape the person I am. A lot of the truth of my life isn’t great. I’ve had to journey through some of the most difficult things we as humans face. Largely until you brought The Unsealed into existence, I battled a lot of it alone and afraid. What you have given here to all of us is a place where we can openly and honestly share those things. A lot of the stories shared here I relate to because I’ve felt the same things. If anything it has expanded my clarity to know that I wasn’t alone in those experiences. What makes it different is that I can learn from others in a space that isn’t judged in microscopic means. Sharing some of the hardest things in my life has done so very much for my mental and physical health, both of which were in disarray when you started The Unsealed. Thanks to your vision, I will see 40, and while I may or may not find the love I’ve sought for so long, I at least know a place where love and understanding both exist and that is right here.

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